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NYC Subway : Songs from the Underground by Various Artists

The greatest thing about this release is that a percentage of its profits will be donated to "New York Cares," the non-profit organization of NYC and this "toujours eveillée" town without a doubt can definitely use their hands-on volunteer service.

The concept is original because it allows independent artists from everywhere to express themselves in what they do in the melting and cosmopolitan city that is New York. This expression is music. Music is their life and it does deserve some respect and tolerance.

Spokinn Movement give it their best shot in opening the album. They have an original hip-hop background and their music sounds jazzy. As with them, Krystle Warren owns two tracks in this issue. Her voice has energy with the words and she achieves to standout from the songs. This girl can go further.

Interesting and admiring to hear in the subway platforms is the vibraphone of Sean MacCaull while Andes Fusion figures out the Latin American rhythms, ethnically interesting to hear if you are changing platforms in the subway.The Kaiku vocal group possess a talent that if worked out can eventually explode, Theo Eastwinds obviously likes to play his guitar and uses his nice voice alongside it in a forgetable way.

Sonderegger is a good sax player. His trio is smart and sounds as they’ve been playing for a quite a while. Jason Green is a talented guitarist who could extend his soul to some audiences. Manze Davila is "avant tout"; a Haitian folksinger with a cool voice that perhaps would be impossible to express outside the underground. Thomas Bailey has also found down there the right place to play his music. Kathleen Mock has a sad voice. Her song in this track is lent and boring, despite all efforts to compose it.

If Songs from the Underground was compiled with the aim to accomplish a multifaceted enterprise that mixes up aesthetic music, then it's a good effort but it may not last as long as a "ticket de métro."

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Various Artists
  • CD Title: NYC Subway : Songs from the Underground
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Headset
  • Tracks: Flows, Apes, Sparkle and Fade, Central Park, Strazz, Time Kills, Poncho, Puhurin Poika, Night, Ollin, Neanderthology, Little Blue Car Blues,Café, Ain’t gonna work, Waiting on the train
  • Rating: Two Stars
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