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Ventura by Eliana Cuevas

The variety and richness of Canada’s multi-cultural landscape proved a nurturing environment for Venezuelan singer and composer Eliana Cuevas. Arriving as a teenager she stayed to graduate from University with distinction and develop her musical gifts, which are considerable. She had the opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of musical groups in Toronto including- Flamenco, Brazilian, Reggae and Salsa as well as Latin Jazz Groups. Singing in Spanish, Portuguese and English she developed a music, which is World Jazz, larger and more inclusive than any specific genre. Her first release Ventura (happiness, fortune, coincidence, risk or Danger) was produced with funding from Canadian Arts Grants. She enlisted producer Gordon Sheard and a group of extraordinary Toronto artists and brought to life Eliana’s original music. Her gifts as a composer are undeniable, her lyrics are sticking and her melodies stay with you. All but one is sung in Spanish but there are English translations supplied in the CD booklet. She stays away from overdone romantic clichés and tackles the human condition with a poet’s sureness. In "Perdon" she asks forgiveness for not listening to the wisdom of her elders, in "Like an Animal" she talks about our bestial side, in "Break my Heart" she says" I want you to break my heart-if that is the price I have to pay to have you in my life", sung not with masochistic drama but with calm awareness of the price we sometimes pay for love. The profound philosophical sentiments of her lyrics are expressed with a voice, which is clear, precise, strong, ringing and personal. This young, intelligent, talented and beautiful artist has only begun what will surely be an extraordinary career. Canada and the world will be richer for the gifts she brings.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Eliana Cuevas
  • CD Title: Ventura
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Rating: Five Stars
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