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By Briget Michell'e for Paris In the Nite Jazz In Paris

"Youman Wilder and Weird Stories New York In Paris"

Never enough of Youman Wilder can I hear, "Anything this good should be bottled up and stored.This past week we had him here in "Paris France" and his great band Weird Stories. Youman Wilder takes the Funk/Jazz/Neo Soul approach to his music, featuring Mr. Wilder with Nelson Bainbridge (piano), Curtis Hewyward (bass), Markel Dupree (drums), Preston Torrey (sax) and some surprised guest. Their shows at ARRONDISSEMENT takes New York Funk and Urban Neo Soul ala "The Brand New Heavies" groove music and squeezes it through a little "Ornette Coleman" meets "Al Green" meets "Gospel"and it works beautifully. They had no percussion or rhythm section, opting for a spare sound that accentuates the Soulful Tenor that Wilder processes in abundance .Using mostly traditional sources, the results are anything but "boring" Wilder use of Jazz phrasing and r&b and gospel styling's along with fantastic melodies merge into a well oiled blissful salute to the African-American songbook of the last 50 years. "In My Solitude","Don't Explain" and the gorgeous" Autumn In New York' showcased Wilder's joyful love of both 'Billie Holiday' and 'Duke Ellington.' Wilder then did a beautiful song that I had thought was an original song "Tears Ago" he then said the song was by an fellow American artist named "Rashaan Patterson".Wilder did the song in mostly English and switched to singing in French,this had the over flowing audience giving Wilder a well deserved standing ovation,this is the only song he would sing in French.The set then went in a heavy groove,"Hot Butterflies,'Leaving This Town" and the provocative "Dear Mr Man" the neo soul hot "A Little Closer" had the Parisian crowd up and dancing Latin and jazz references sneak in almost unnoticed, and the Quartet continually surprises you with each turn of phrase.Preston Torrey is a masterful player,and his digitally enhanced solo piece "Le's Pierre's Sonatas" is proof of his skill and creativity. Wilder also did some wonderful homage to American Gospel as well,"As a Parisian I have always been in awe of the power and conviction that American Gospel from the African-American".Mr Wilder Introduced song's from American Gospel artist "Tonex("God Has Not Forgot") "Ted and Sherrie" ("Celebration") and the passionate "Jesus Is Love"(Lionel Ritchie) Youman Wilder's approach to showcasing his great band in lengthy solos also created an atmosphere that was fun,soulful and an wonderful source of Inspiration. I went to the Tuesday,Thurs and Saturday evening late show's,and each show was different and amazing. 'Paris is made for Youman Wilder and Youman Wilder is made for Paris.

130, rue de Rivoli, Paris, France 75001 · 42-33-84-30

Distance: 15.941 km

ARRONDISSEMENT. Boasting picturesque, medieval vaulted ceilings, which add to both the club's character and its acoustics, this popular Parisian jazz house is a long-lived favorite. Live jazz is the major draw, and its incarnations range from classic styles to modern interpretations. At times, you may even run into some rock and hip-hop, just for variety. A top club for jazz fans, Slow Club is also a must for travelers in search of awesome music and great, intimate ambience. METRO: Chatelet

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  • Artist / Group Name: Unknown
  • Subtitle: Never enough of Youman Wilder can I hear,
  • City State Country: Paris France
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