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Nothing beats experiencing live jazz music as its being created right in front of you.  Stop here for reviews of your favorite jazz artists live and in concert.

Blues guitarist prodigy Jimmy Bowskill guest-hosted the recent Thursday Special Guest Night at Healey’s in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March 10th, 2005. Bowskill as many already know, is an amazingly gifted blues guitar player and vocalist .. who’s only 14 years old; but who plays guitar and sings the blues as good as many artists decades older with years more performing experience behind them. His voice has dropped an octave in the little more than two years since he w

Butch Morris Band Big

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Many jazz aficionados remember Butch Morris’ cornet playing from his work with saxophone legend David Murray, appearing on such seminal recordings as Flowers for Albert, Let the Music Take You and The London Concert. However, it is his work as a conductor that was being celebrated during Black History month. Every Tuesday evening in February at 7:00pm the Knitting Factory in NYC presented BLACK FEBRUARY: 20 Years of Conduction - BUTCH MORRIS Conducts Band Big. On February 8, Band Big featured an
Savina Yannatou is a singer from Greece who has background in classical (baroque/Renaissance era), folk music of Europe & the Middle East, and jazz/free improv. She and her band endeavor to unpretentiously weave all these strands together for a tapestry virtually [hyperbole alert!] unparalleled in modern music. Ms. Yannatou’s vocal talents had the breadth of an unusually eclectic ethnomusicologist, the chops of Patty Waters, Diamanda Galas, Joan La Barbara, and (dare I say) Yoko Ono and most imp
Julian Fauth & Chain Gang are the full band version of the great solo and duo shows that Fauth and fellow bluesman/harp player Wayne Charles perform for audiences far and wide. Fauth is a Maple Blues-nominated piano player who’s equally adept on 6-string guitar in the Robert Johnson school of authentic roots blues. Charles, his harp playing sidekick of several years, along with Fauth put on a blues show reminiscent of duos from the ‘20s in the U.S. deep
The Orbit Room in Toronto, Ontario -- known for its high caliber of funk, R&B and blues -- came up with a stellar all-star cast of musicians on Tuesday, May 25, 2004. Guitarist Domenic Troiano (hailed as one of the very best to come out of the Toronto Sound music explosion of the mid-‘60s in Canada), along with the other awesome players this night, created a true, modern-day musical masterpieces, in two mind-boggling 90-minute sets that e
Those who love big band jazz have slim pickins these days. Other than the excellent Dave Holland Big Band that had graced the Kennedy Center stage a couple of weeks earlier, since Toshiko Akiyoshi/Lew Tabackin called it quits last year, there is not much going on apart from the ghost orchestras (Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Dizzy Gillespie), the retro experiments at Lincoln Center, occasional recordings by such as Gerald Wilson, and local groups such as Carol Sudhalter's Astor
The Nyumburu Cultural Center has been a part of the University of Maryland College Park for 27 years, providing a program of "black social, cultural and intellectual interaction," including lectures, seminars, art exhibits, workshops in the dramatic arts, dance, music and creative writing. Academic courses in blues, jazz, gospel music performance and creative writing are also offered. Nyumburu, ("freedom house" in Swahili) produces the Black Explosion Newspaper and is also home to
With a master’s degree in music earned at "The Manhattan School of Music," and some top-notch recordings to her credit, Baum’s muse is heavily influenced by Stravinsky and Bartok. But there’s no doubt about it, Baum’s compositions are snuggly rooted within the modern jazz vernacular, while affording her soloists’ ample stretching room. Trumpeter Ralph Alessi displayed a blistering attack along with some impressive bass clarinet and alto sax work by Douglas Yates. However, Baum’s arrangements
The Southport Melodic Jazz Club's inaugural winter weekend event will live long in the memories of those lucky enough to be there. Capping a fantastic three days of performances at the English seaside resort's Royal Clifton Hotel was Detroit-born pianist Kirk Lightsey, whose link up with UK tenor man Bobby Wellins had jazz fans roaring their approval. The Melodic Jazz Club has a knack of bringing together explosive musicians, lighting the blue-touch paper and tiptoeing to a safe distance a
The Second Annual Kid Bastien Forever New Orleans Jazz Party, was celebrated in a big way at Toronto’s Grossman’s Tavern,, for two thoroughly musical days and nights, Fri. and Sat. Feb. 5-6, 2005, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In a fun way, it kept the memory alive of trumpet player extraordinaire, Kid Bastien, whose upbeat jazz band the Happy Pals, played the weekly Saturday jazz matinee at Grossman’s to
One of the busiest drummers in jazz, and one of its most important, Jack DeJohnette appears to be even busier than usual in 2005. DeJohnette is involved in a number of high-profile projects, including significantly the launch of his own record label, Golden Beams, which will release two percussion-based albums in April. And of course, he continues to tour worldwide with the Keith Jarrett Trio, as he has for more than 20 years. DeJohnette has premiered his own quartet that includes Danilo

Bathing in Burrell

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The Northampton, Massachusetts Center for the Arts was the venue for the last of three concerts in the annual "A World of Piano Series". The artist for the last concert was Dave Burrell. Alone and sitting at a piano in the front of a mid-size room, Burrell captivated the packed house with the sound he produced with his exceedingly long, lithe fingers which when they touch the keyboard become a logical extension of it. Logical, but more importantly, human. It is important to Burrell that hi
Michael Kasehammer Trio, Feb. 25, Winnipeg, Canada Last night, German-born, Vancouver-based jazz pianist sensation Michael Kasehammer played what looked like a packed house at the West End Cultural Centre with bassist Marc Rogers and drummer Ben Riley. This was his first Winnipeg appearance since playing a small club show (the Liberty Grill) and opening for the Neville Brothers at Pantages Playhouse Theatre, last June at the Jazz Winnipeg Festival. I had not heard about Kasehammer until a co
A person’s 65th birthday is a special occasion; upon reaching such a milestone, a celebration is certainly in order. For some folks, turning 65 means an imminent retirement and the chance to finally get that senior discount at IHOP. Veteran soul singer and songwriter Leon Ware is a little different; having at last reached his golden years, not only is his career not winding down, it actually seems to be still gathering steam. His performance at Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood on February 16th,
Downtown Washington was eerily quiet this Saturday evening, the streets almost deserted following an earlier snowstorm. Moving around was still difficult and most people were smart and stayed home. But the lure of seeing an artist who had swept five Down Beat polls (bass, arranger, small group, big band, CD of the year) was too much and I managed to make it to the Terrace Theater at the Kennedy Center to hear Dave Holland's Big Band play selections from their most recent CDs, What Goes
The words "Education," "Association," and "Conference" seem unlikely to figure prominently in a sentence ending with the phrase "Fun and exciting," so I suppose it's a testament to the power of Jazz that I am able to write with conviction that, in addition to being very informative, the 32nd Annual Conference of the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE) was fun and exciting. As a resident of Long Beach, CA, the city which hosted the conference, it was tremendously gratifying to be
Celebrating the release of a fantastic new CD simply entitled the Jim Seeley/Arturo O’Farrill Quintet, this dynamic group took the stage at Cornelia Street Café Friday, January 7. Released on the Zoho label, the CD is highly recommended. The co-leader and trumpet player, Jim Seeley, wrote all of the compositions. The thing about these tunes that makes them special was revealed the day after I first listened to the CD. I certainly enjoyed the music the first time through but what struck me was
Dave Valentin- flute; Dr. Saïs Kamalidiin - flute, alto flute, director; Shyesha Osler, Stacey Winningham, Maya Colemon - flute; Dr. Thomas Korth - piano; Prof. Gerard Kunkel - guitar; Hamilton Hayes - bass; Clyde Adams - drums; "Killer" Joe Falero, Ivan Navas - Latin percussion Guest artists: Arch Thompson, Dr. Peter Westbrook, Dr. Ronald Ziegler - flutes; Byron Vickers - sound technician With the new year Washington DC welcomes what has become an annual event - the Flute Fête at Howard Univ

Hi, Hi, Blackbird

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Shelly Berg's new CD Blackbird hit the streets on January 25th; LA area jazz got a tasty preview of the Concord release a week early at a special show by the Shelly Berg Trio at Catalina Bar & Grill. The show naturally drew heavily from the disc, which the pianist and USC professor plugged relentlessly (and amusingly) during the evening. Rounding out Berg's trio were the well-traveled bassist Chuck Berghofer and drummer Gregg Field. Blackbird takes its title from the Lennon McCa
Jazz is sometimes referred to as American classical music, African-American classical music or some similarly tortured formulation. Of course, jazz ‘is’none of these things; jazz is jazz, and that really ought to be good enough. The form is its own unique entity, positioned in a place somewhere between popular music and concert music that allows its practitioners ample freedom to draw from either or both traditions. The second program in the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s 2004-2005 Jazz at Walt Disn