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A Celebration Of The 75th Anniversaries Of the Births Of Miles Davis And John Coltrane

"Directions in Music," the theme for the celebration of the 75th anniversaries of the births of Miles Davis and John Coltrane, live at the Bovard Auditorium. The University of Southern California played host to the music of two jazz legends, Thursday evening October 11, 2001. Herbie Hancock; pianist, Michael Becker; saxophonist, and Roy Hargrove; trumpet and flugelhorn, preformed the honors in putting forth their best effort to recreate the legendary sounds of Davis and Coltrane.

Who better to try? Than Herbie Hancock himself, being that Hancock joined forces with Davis in the 1960’s, to help create and contribute to some great music. However, Hancock, with a new crew by his side command and did received the best from his quintet. Also, performing as part of the quintet were John Patitucci; bassist and Brain Blade; drummer.

Hancock’s, first selection of the evening was a song that he wrote for Davis entitled, "Sorcerer." Although, not quite as fiery as the original it was certainly acceptable. As the concert went on, the musicians seem to get better with time like a fine wine. Hargrove, immersed himself into an original composition entitled "Poet," which truly gave the audience a sense of purpose for attending the sold out concert. The quintet kept the unique and artistic flavor flowing with their exceptional qualities.

Hargrove and Brecker clearly had most of the spotlight with their solos of the evening. Brecker’s most notable tune came in the second half of the concert, with a beautiful rendition of Coltrane’s "Naima," an original release from Coltrane’s 1960 Giant Steps album. It was hardly of Coltrane’s quality, nevertheless, quite alluring. Additionally, Herbie Hancock’s quintet played homage to Davis’s "Drad-Dog" a song from his 1966 release, Someday My Prince Will Come and Miles Smiles a 1961 release with a song called "Circle." Both tunes wonderfully done, with the presence and influence of Davis and Coltrane in mind, as the quintet performed marvelously throughout the evening.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Unknown
  • Venue: Bovard Auditorium - University of Southern California
  • City State Country: Los Angeles, CA - USA
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