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Boriken Danza Meets Jazz

Danza is a style of music popularized by Juan Morel Campos and Manuel G. Tavarez in Puerto Rico. Angel David Mattos creates jazz interpretations of music by these innovators and composes his own Danza jazz. His playing can be likened to notes fallin’ off the piano like butter. Angel David Mattos & the Jazz Boricua Quartet shared their unique sound at the upper west side club, The Triad.

A beautiful ballad by Tavarez featured the bass playing of Elias Cervas. Elias was nice and so was the piano work dancing around the bass solo, a subtle placement of rhythmic delights. The quartet turned into a trio for two tracks, starting with a number by Juan Morel Campos entitled "Felices Dias." The other trio number, "Danza al Maestro," a Mattos’ original, is a dedication to all Danza composers. It had very nice melody, which was enhanced by some noteworthy bass playing. The next tune featured the soaring saxophone of Jorge Castro. The tone and fluency of Jorge’s playing was on.

The next composition, "Point of Reference," featured a romantic introduction. An intriguing development in this selection had to do with the spaces between the music, which speaks to the eloquence of the quartet. On two separate occasions, the music stopped. Both times they came back in on a dime. An incredible electric bass solo followed the second break. The final selection highlighted the rhythm skills of drummer Hector Matos, who had his own voice but his timing, tenacity and aggression seemed pleasantly influenced by Roy Haynes.

Angel David Mattos has a new CD entitled Danzzaj.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Angel David Mattos
  • Concert Date: 7/23/2005
  • Venue: The Triad
  • City State Country: New York, New York, USA
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