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Carl Saunders and Ron Stout..Trumpet Perfection

Carl Saunders..Trumpet / Drums, Ron Stout..Trumpet / Flugelhorn, Barry Zweig..Guitar, Chris Conner..Bass

There were more chops on the bandstand at Michael D's Santa Rosa Jazz Club last night than at Schwartz's Meat market in Pomona. Carl Saunders is the best Trumpet player in jazz today and Ron Stout ranks right up there with him.

Put these two together and you have a spellbinding duo that is simply beyond description.. Notes flew around this Camarillo Jazz spot like a snowstorm in Moscow. The four bar exchanges became two and then ones. It was a beautiful excursion into the land of be-bop and ballads.

"I Should Care" started things off with Saunders playing the soulful melody ....Barry Zweig's Guitar solo was a haunting soliloquy, that showcased his artistry and unique style. Saunders clean tone and superb ideas on this tune were the things that Trumpet players dream about.

The "I Got Rhythm" changes on "Ow" was strictly bop city with Ron Stout trading fours with Bassist Chris Conner and setting a dizzying pace with a torrent of notes and a tone that matched the leader's. Barry Zweig's facile fingers added the final touch with a blistering statement.

"Yesterdays" was a tour de force for Saunders as he again exhibited that romantic side which is an interesting contrast to his take no prisoners machine gun like attack on the up-tempos.

"Tenderly" featured Ron Stout smoothly caressing the melody and swooping and soaring like a bird in flight on the improvisation.

"End Of A love Affair" is a fine ballad that Saunders mesmerized the audience with and infused in it, an interesting swinging quality.

Carl Saunders played some rapid fire runs that defied human breath control, blazing lines of pure magic that elicited oohs and ahs from the attendees. Saunders brought some Drums to Camarillo with him and would play when he wasn't otherwise occupied, and did a fine job timewise.

Ron Stout is the equal of any Trumpet player in jazz, his tone is pure, his ideas flow and his range is as vast as a Texas ranch.

Barry Zweig is a made member of the Guitar elite and he joyfully exhibited that mastery for the hip gathering at Michael D's. He was the perfect addition.

Chris Conner on Bass contributed mightily with fine time, adept solos and more than held his own on the exchanges.

The Trumpet players in attendance were transfixed by these two mighty men of jazz. The Guitarists were smiling at Zweigs message, and you can bet the woodsheds will be rocking for a long time, that's what listening to giants of jazz like this will do to an aspiring player and the veterans as well. This night of jazz was joy personified. It gets no better.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Carl Saunders
  • Concert Date: 11/15/2002
  • Subtitle: Jazz At It's Best
  • Venue: Michael D's Santa Rosa Jazz Club
  • City State Country: Camarillo, Ca.
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