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Cuban Group Valle Son live in Juneau

The group Valle Son is a little known Cuban group first encountered by Canadian tourists in Cuba. They were enchanted by the groups unpretentious, folkloric style and brought them to Canada, recorded them and sent them out on tour. Juneau Salsa Dancers Antonio and Heather Diaz had heard the group in Canada and for 3 years battled Visa restrictions until they finally got permission to bring the group to the Alaskan Capital, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, snuggled at the foot of a mountain right on the Gastineau Channel. So on a rainy, cold July Day Valle Son arrived in Juneau and performed an impromptu free concert at the Marine Park downtown. The locals had been alerted and seemingly everybody in town was there, families, babies, the small Latin Community and ALL the Salsa students of Antonio and Heather ready to strut their stuff. Valle Son plays just that- Son- with Tres, guitar, one percussionist, an Acoustic Bass, Reed Player, Vocalist and most improbably a female bassoonist. They tore it up, the place overflowed, people were crammed on the stage, dancers fought for room. They brought the eager crowd to ecstasy and won their hearts. The next night they performed at the local Elks club and place was sold out with lines going around the block, patiently waiting for a chance to squeeze in. Notice to all Latin promoters, there is a big untapped market here in the land of eagles and Bears. The people are hungry to dance, they love the music.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Valle Son
  • Concert Date: July 28 2003
  • Venue: Marine Park
  • City State Country: Juneau Alaska
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