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Dave Weckl Show in Indianapolis

Dave Weckl put on a great show at a local club called "The Jazz Kitchen". It seats around 140 people, and is a club type atmosphere. We ordered dinner and ate during the show which was fun. Weckl's drum set is most seemed to be designed to have many of the same drums on both sides of him to give him greater flexibility in playing. He had some out of the ordinary cymbal sets as well. He plays with such intensity and duration in some tunes that you're left wondering how he avoids cramping up during a song.

They played some cuts from "Rhythm of the Soul" which is my favorite of his CD's. He also did some tunes from a soon to be released CD(anticipated in July 2002) that were outstanding as well. His sax man played tenor sax, soprano sax, flute,...a bit of everything. On one song, he seemed to make his flute sound almost like whale sounds! The bass player was not their regular band member. The regular guy was unable to perform for some reason, so they had been finding replacements in order to continue their tour. The guy we saw was playing his 3rd show with them and did a fantastic job...hard to tell that he wasn't there regular guy!

At the end of the evening, when Dave introduced his band, he also took the opportunity to introduce his "drum tech" as well. That showed the value he placed on the contribution provided by this guy to set up and maintain Dave's drums to his exacting standards. All in all, it was a terrific show, and I would definitely look to see them again some day!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dave Weckl
  • Concert Date: 5/17/2002
  • Subtitle: Cookin' in "The Jazz Kitchen"!
  • Venue: Jazz Kitchen
  • City State Country: Broadripple, IN
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