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Down To The Bone begins U.S. Tour

On Friday, November 6th the popular smooth jazz group Down To The Bone came to Milwaukee. This was their second stop on their U.S. tour. Their first concert was in Chicago the night before. The beautiful Astor Street, was a perfect venue for this high class act. The blazing lobby fireplace took the chill from the fall air and led the way to a warm evening of listening and dancing pleasure.

Most of the music played was from their very popular album, From Manhattan to Staten, which has been receiving incredible air play on smooth jazz radio stations around the country. It's super in case you haven't heard it. The big city sound produced by the group is delightful. After only one song, the audience was convinced they had to move to the groove. The dance floor in front of the stage was immediately put to good use. Down To The Bone responded and the crowd continued to show it's appreciation throughout the night. They also promised to return to town.

It was a great gig. You should try to catch D.T.T.B. as they move around the country. Home for these artists is Great Britain and studio mixing for From Manhattan to Staten was done in Surrey and London, England.

"Staten Island Groove", the first recording on this album is good enough reason to buy the disk, but the dual sax work done throughout many of the tunes is super.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Down to the Bone
  • Concert Date: 11/6/1998
  • Venue: Astor Street
  • City State Country: Milwaukee, WI, USA
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