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Fish Out of Water

Herman Biancardi Rock & Rule Swing Band Herman Biancardi Rock & Rule Swing Band Brie Austin
Influenced by the sound of Benny Goodman and the Stray Cats, the Neo-Swing Jazz style of The Rock and Rule Swing Band is a fusion of big band swing, rockabilly, and even SKA. They appeared like fish out of water at this years annual San Pedro Country Music Festival in San Pedro Argentina and stole the show. The high energy eight piece band electrified the crowd; many of whom appeared to have never heard this style of music before. Smoke was continually sweeping across the stage in an ebb and tide rhythm that was illuminated by hues of multicolored lights. Dancers, dressed in outfits inspired by the ‘40s, flanked the front of the stage and the overall effect of this show was a memorable experience. Herman Biancardi -- band leader, keyboardist and vocalist -- told me that from the first time he saw the Brian Setzer Orchestra and the Big Bad Voodo Daddy on television, nothing would ever be the same for him. He was thereafter driven by an internal love for the sound and a passion to learn the styles and he did. The show included such songs as The Contender, Zip Gun Bop, Watts Local, Hey Pachuco, Gee Baby, Cuban Pete, and You are the Boss (Royal Crown Revue), Americano, Let’s Live it Up, The House is Rockin and The Dirty Boogie (Brian Setzer Orchestra), Jumping Jack, Minnie the Moocher and Mr Pinstripe Suit (Big Voodoo Daddy). One of the most entertaining shows I have seen in many years. If you’re in Argentina, look for these guys and treat yourself.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Herman Biancardi Rock & Rule Swing Band
  • Concert Date: 9/1/2007
  • Venue: San Pedro Music Festival
  • City State Country: San Pedro, Buenos Arires, Argentina
Brie Austin

Brie is the co-author of "I'd Do It Again," and a free-lance columnist/reporter for a variety of magaines in the areas of music, travel, lifestyle, nightlife, and business.  

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