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Jazz Crusaders

True pioneers of jazz, the Crusaders showed the crowd that they've still got it. Now playing with only two of the original members remaining, Wayne Henderson (trombone / fluegelhorn), and Wilton Felder (saxes), the Crusaders of today put a new twist on their classic tunes with the help of some very talented musicians.

One of the liveliest shows I have ever seen, the Crusaders had the crowd on their feet groovin' to their funky tunes. Opening up with horns blaring, the Crusaders played their classic tune, "Spiral". They got the crowd singing backup vocals with, "Keep That Same Old Feeling", and brought in a sensational local singer, Regina Davis to help on their signature tune, "Streetlife".

If they come to your town, you better not miss their show! I saw it twice!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jazz Crusaders
  • Venue: Red Mill East
  • City State Country: Milwaukee, WI, USA
Morrice Blackwell

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