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Joachim Kühn Playing Solo Piano In A Castle

You couldn’t imagine a better place to see and hear the great Joachim Kühn perform solo some of his own compositions, mixed with the music of, a.o., Ornette Coleman and Bach. The castle "Vilain XIIII", situated just outside the idyllic village of Leut (Limburg-Belgium), and surrounded by some rare and very old trees, was built in the 13th century. Part of it had to be restored 5 centuries later.

The intimate concert hall of the castle, with its Louis XV furnishing from ages ago, has already provided the scenery for such famous artists as Paul Bley, Mal Waldron, Cecil Taylor, Fred Hersch, Marilyn Crispell, Uri Caine, Simon Nabotov, Brad Mehldau, François Raulin, Misha Mengelberg, Fred Van Hove, Kris Defoort, Susanne Abbuehl and Nathalie Loriers.

Joachim Kühn’s way of playing the piano, as experienced by an enthusiastic audience last Saturday, February 8th, cannot be compared to (WITH??) any other’s. In no time, the abundance of notes melt with the numberless expressions on his face, translate towards the audience a whole world of emotions. Great composers and musicians, such as Ornette Coleman, Joe Henderson, Larry Coryell, Jean-Luc Ponty, Jerry Bergonzi, Michael Gibbs, Martial Solal and Daniel Humair, to name just a few, must have thought the same when they once decided to invite him to participate on their albums.

Joachim Kühn :"I still remember the recording sessions in 1977 of ‘Deus Xango’, a song, written by Astor Piazzolla, featuring on ‘Twin House’, an album by guitarists Larry Coryell and Philip Catherine. They called me in Los Angeles to come over to Hamburg in Germany for the recording of the song, which finally took FIFTEEN HOURS! Can you imagine? Fifteen hours in a studio, to record one single song? I must admit that the result was worth the effort. The song really sounds great.

I consider my approach to the piano, which I’ve always wanted to be as unlimited as possible, closer to Bach’s than to, for example, Bill Evans’. When asked whether I play classical music or jazz, I reply that I play music."

Next artists to expect in the castle are Bobo Stenson and Martial Solal.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Unknown
  • City State Country: Belgium
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