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Lenore Raphael Trio

Lenore Raphael, Chris Colangelo, Tim Pleasant

Michael D's Santa Rosa Jazz Club, Camarillo, Ca. September 27-28.. Lenore Raphael..Piano, Chris Colangelo..Bass, Tim Pleasant..Drums.

September the 27th. was the anniversary of Bud Powell's birth, and Lenore Raphael's interpretation of the legendary Pianist's music was done with love and affection and swung nicely, despite occasional forays into Monk-isms. Raphael has a very strong style that can become reflective in an instant. Alluding to Monk takes on an aura of imitation, due to his patented and unique discordance. Lenore Raphael is a superior Pianist than Thelonious Monk, and her references to him only diminish her own keyboard personality. Nevertheless she is a major force on the jazz scene.

Chris Colangelo on Bass and Tim Pleasant on Drums work very nicely together. Colangelo says that he has complete freedom to explore ideas, as Pleasant is never off time, and never gets in the way. Additionally Tim Pleasant discreetly lays down fine, appropriate accents to enhance the soloist, rather than bomb them out.

Special guest Milcho Leviev took the stage with Raphael and with Melodica in hand proceeded to do some lively and humorous exchanges with the leader.

Dani Thompson made an appearance on the 28th. and did the blues a nice favor with her rendition of "Piney Brown" ..Always a charmer Thompson enters with a flair and exits to enthusiastic applause. Dani always brings to life the soul of any song that she sings.

To say that these two nights were be-bop heaven would be an understatement. Raphael et al, brought joy to Camarillo and to Michael D's fine club. If you missed this event you missed the best. Scott Hamm books the very best players in the LA area. Word is out to that effect, and the coming months will witness the best of the best....On tap...Carl Saunders....Milcho Leviev....Mike Melvoin....Nancy Kelly and many more stars of the jazz world

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Lenore Raphael
  • Concert Date: September 27-28 2002
  • Subtitle: Legends Of Jazz Series
  • Venue: Michael D's Santa Rosa Jazz Club
  • City State Country: Camarillo, Ca. USA
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