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Nights at Cafe Berlin

A true Diva needs more than attitude and bravura. She has to deliver and back it up with chops and skill as well as power of presence. Columbian vocalist Martha Patricia is a Latin Diva who takes the stage and commands your attention and involvement with her musicality, originality and true love of Jazz. At a recent concert at Café Berlin she delivered a variety of classic Jazz standards as well as Salsa adaptations and Brazilian Classics.

She obviously has been influenced by Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fiztgerald. She can scat and navigate interval jumps in and out of a husky low register with expert ease demonstrated in a scorching version of "How High the Moon". She also shows a great sense of dynamics moving from a whisper to supersonic for dramatiic affect. She was joined by Jorge Pardo on Sax and Flute who performs with relaxed competence. He performed a beautiful and lengthy unaccompanied flute intro to Chick Corea´s "Spain" before the band kicked in to burn it up.

Cuban Bassist Yelsy Heridia was a strong bottom to the ensemble and on his solos showed a totally unique concept using harmonics, strumming, percussive affects and virtuosity. Pianist Horacio Leasto also delivered strong solos and showed his command of the Jazz vernacular. Valentine Iturat played drums and moves with ease from swing to samba to salsa. This is a drummer who always has your back.

There were beautiful arrangements of "Agua De Beber" and "Triste". The band hit all the breaks cleanly and performed with a sense of joy and fun. Martha Patricia is based in Madrid and performs regularly at Café Berlin and other venues.

She provided a great night of music and entertainment obviously loving the contributions of her fellow jazz artists and embracing her audience with a sense of warmth. She has the true Diva´s gift of drawing you in and making your experience together a special night to be remembered. Catch her live if you are in Madrid. You can always find her at her home base, The Café Berlin.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Martha Patricia
  • Concert Date: 10/22/2003
  • Subtitle: Martha Patricia in Concert
  • Venue: Cafe Berlin
  • City State Country: Madrid, Spain
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