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Pinky Winters Quartet

Pinky Winters (Vocals), Tom Garvin (Piano), Chris Colangelo (Bass), Kendall Kay (Drums)

Pinky Winters cooly swung in her free and easy style, giving respect to the melody and soul to the lyrics. It was an impressive performance.

A leisurely mood lingered on "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" This tune was given new meaning by a slow excursion into sweet romanticism. Miss Winters swank urbanity was in full bloom on this exquisite rendering.

"Early To Bed" featured hip sophistication and the lovely sound of Winters, as she went right to the hearts of the connoisseurs of Jazz in attendance. The response of the devotees was enthusiastic.

"I'm In Love Again" was beautifully showcased by Winters' compelling version. Peggy Lee would have been moved by this imposing interpretation of her song (Cy Coleman as well)

Tune after tune was followed by appreciative applause from the attentive cognoscente present.

Pinky Winters has a magnificently textured tone, her phrasing is impeccable and the timing is perfect.

Aiding Miss Winters in her conquest of Michael D's was the ubiquitous Tom Garvin, whose specialty is accompaniment and he does it with a flair not often engendered by other Pianists..

Kendall Kay's skillful enrichments complemented the posh stylishness of Winters most effectively.

Chris Colangelo is an adaptable Bassist, he is able to capture the intent of the performance with uncanny ability. His solos were highlighted by a magnificent sound and melodic fluidity.

This ensemble perpetuated what we all know, that real Jazz is alive and kicking.... And Miss Pinky Winters continues to capture the hearts of all who listen and listen they did on this cool night of cool jazz. Yes indeed.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Pinky Winters
  • Concert Date: 5/24/2003
  • Subtitle: Pinky Winters Swinging Cooly In California
  • Venue: Michael D's Jazz Café
  • City State Country: Camarillo, Ca.
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