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Savion Glover at BB King's

The evening began with a quiet acoustic bass solo by Andy LaCloud. As the solo intensified in volume and complexity, Savion Glover walked onto the stage and joined in, matching Andy’s rhythms and melodies with precision. This intricate duet set the tone for a set of amazing tap dance and jazz pieces that were choreographed to allow each member of this quintet to improvise over a set of jazz themes composed mainly by John Coltrane.

The second piece had a Hammond B-3 sound provided by Tommy James on keyboards and showcased more soloing, this time by Savion and Casey Higgins on tenor saxophone. As Savion pounded out his rhythms, he floated effortlessly around the stage moving in close to Mr. Higgins as the two improvised together. Brian Grice held down the underlying structure on the drums as the soloists traded 4’s and 8’s.

Guest tap dancer Marshall Davis joined the group on two pieces. During the first tune, Savion watched from the side of the stage as Marshall built up a dynamic and beautiful piece. The crowd cheered wildly when Savion and Marshall pounded out complex rhythms together at the end of the show.

Savion acknowledged Frank Wess’ presence in the audience and dedicated a beautiful version of Duke Ellington’s In A Sentimental Mood to the legendary tenor saxophonist. The group did justice to this piece as they once again displayed their ability to respectfully interpret a standard tune while adding a modern edge to it.

Savion added his own vocal stylings to Eden Ahbez’s Nature Boy and a tune entitled My Father John, likely a tip of the hat to Coltrane, whose image was displayed on Savion’s T-Shirt. Before the final number, Savion stated: "my life is about paying respect," and he dedicated a version of Stars and Stripes Forever to Mr. Coltrane. The quintet was joined by Marshall Davis and two violinists (Jessica and Melissa) as they played the tune in a style similar to Coltrane’s interpretation of My Favorite Things.

The 31-year old Glover and his group are simply amazing. You have to see them to understand how deep this music is. If you haven’t had the great fortune of hearing this ensemble live, seek them out; you won’t be disappointed.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Savion Glover
  • Concert Date: 3/16/2005
  • Subtitle: Jazz Tap
  • Venue: BB King's Blues Club and Grill
  • City State Country: New York, New York, USA
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