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Sax Phonically Speaking - James Carter and The Organ Trio

Jazz Live! From the Blue Note, Thursday night was both an epiphany and a delight with James Cater and The Organ Trio featuring: Gerard Gibbs (Hammond B-3), and Leonard King (drums) with special guest David Murray.

The Bluenote is unquestionally one of the finest jazz clubs in the country, as you walk through the door, it immediately hits you - Jazz.

Carter , a snappy dresser steps boldly onto the stage and immediately sadles up to the microphone, chest poised and then emotes pure fire from his horn. His music, which is very energetic, always direct and highly virtuosic, is an individualistic mirror of his experience.

The music is varied and multifaceted, it is obvious that Carter enjoys an excellent rapport with his companions: Organist Gerard Gibbs brought an intensity that straddles worlds above and below and drummer Leonard King was calmly and coolly present, dramatic and precise.

The music seems to drive along effortlessly, from the shifting rhythms of the song "Winter Meeting" to Benny Golson's "Killer Joe" and "Along came Betty". Carter kept the audience intrigued, hungry for more to come.

Special guest David Murray appeared with Carter on his week long Bluenote run, Murray's spirit has an intensity that's very focused, combined with an exciting style that proved it right out of the box with the bouncy song "Suki-Suki Now".

Carter, a native of Detroit has established himself as a top-notch multi-reed man. The owner of more than sixty woodwind instruments, he is best known for his saxophone work. In addition to the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes, he plays the clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe and bass flute.

He has also been nominated as baritone saxophonist of the year by the Jazz Journalist Association.

This is jazz the way it was meant to be.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: James Carter and The Organ Trio
  • Concert Date: May 21-26, 2002
  • Venue: The Bluenote
  • City State Country: New York City, NY
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