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Swing Fever With Special Guest Clark Terry

Friday evening, October 12, 2001 at 8:00 p.m. Swing Fever with special guest trumpeter Clark Terry, didn’t happen, instead the audience got an evening with Swing Fever and Terry Gibbs. As disappointing as it was that Clark Terry was a no show due to illness, his replacement, Terry Gibbs was a delight. Vibraphonist; Terry Gibbs, a great musician in his own right, preformed beautifully with Bryan Gould, bandleader, and trombonist, Jim Rothermal, clarinetist and saxophonist, Steve Campos, trumpeter, Jim Putman, Guitarist, Ruth Davis, Bassist, Tony Johnson, drummer, Bob Efford, saxophonist, and Jackie Ryan vocalist.

Bryan Gould’s band, vocalist and special guest were truly a tremendous amount of talent on stage that evening, with the ability to capture and satisfy the hunger of the jazz enthusiast in the audience Friday night at El Camino College, Center For The Arts. A lovely and substantial crowed attended the concert, to here Gould and his band with vocalist Jackie Ryan and special guest Terry Gibbs performed such notable songs as "Sweet Inspiration," "He’s Not The Man For Me" and "Thank You For The Sunshine."

The band performed with such creative and artistic complexities that was certainly cherished and appreciated by the vocal response and applause from the audience. Moreover, the audience connected with Terry Gibbs’ pleasant sense of humor and comedic anecdotes as well. As the evening draws to a close the audience was truly content, with vibraphonist Terry Gibbs as the replacement for trumpeter Clark Terry. The audience absolutely received a wonderful and entertaining evening, with the opportunity to purchase CD’s from the artist as well. CD’s, from Bryan Gould’s, A Chicken Ain’t Nothing But A Bird, Terry Gibbs’, Hollywood Swing, Jackie Ryan’s, For Havens Sakeand Jim Rothermal’s Neoclassic Swing.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Unknown
  • Venue: Marsee Auditorium - El Camino College
  • City State Country: Torrance, CA, USA
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