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The 3rd Annual Trinity Jazz Festival Proved Its Worth

In an article reviewing the 3rd Annual Trinity Jazz Festival, two corrections must be made regarding the founder of the event and a well-deserving artist.

The founder of the Trinity Jazz Festival is Father William B. Miller not (Marshall), Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church. His insight and vision in elevating the consciousness of jazz in Houston has been extremely beneficial. In addition, the review erroneously reported that Bob Henschen was the pianist accompanying Jason and Delfeayo Marsalis during the Friday night performance. Appearing during that particular segment playing piano was Paul English, whose accomplishments in jazz have considerable merit in their own right. Paul has been an integral part of the jazz scene in Houston for many years.

As another fine season of entertainment has come and gone for the good people at the Trinity Episcopal Church, Father Miller's vision for the festival has come full-circle. In addition, the event has closely aligned itself with some heart felt words expressed by Wynton Marsalis in the festival's program guide.

"It all starts with God. It's the same with all musicians, Bach, Beethoven, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane. Even the philosophy of jazz has its underpinning in Christianity. Jesus Christ brought democracy to the world. All are equal. There's no aspect of your birth that makes you superior to another person. We are all part of God's oneness. It's the same with jazz music. Equality is in the music. And it returns to God. It's a matter between the musician and God just as it's a matter between the listener and God." It would seem that the wisdom found in Father Miller's focus on jazz and the Trinity Episcopal Church is firmly embedded in Marsalis' words. Either way, the City of Houston and the community the church serves is all the better for it.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Unknown
  • Concert Date: February 6-8, 2004
  • Subtitle: Follow-up
  • Venue: Trinity Episcopal Church
  • City State Country: Houston, Texas - United States
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