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The Pat Metheny Group... A Source of Inspiration

On April 5th, 2002 the Pat Metheny Group put on a show to remember at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts. This was a performance I couldn't wait to go to. I wish I had the money to travel to every city they perform in during 2002. The concert was everything I expected and much more. In addition, the Center has wonderful acoustics, so that contributed to the richness of the performance, sound and lighting. I don't think there's a bad seat in the house.

In my opinion, there's no other group like The Pat Metheny Group, at least not on this planet. Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays are two musical geniuses of our time. There are no other musicians in the world like them that create such intensely artistic compositions of magical music. Going to a Pat Metheny Group concert is truly an experience that no human being on this planet should ever miss. Listening to these men will fill your heart and soul with love, tenderness and joy. Their concerts add a new depth to my life that I will continue to seek after.

I'll start with the lighting. I wish my eyes could tell you what I saw. My seat was way up in the second balcony, which is pretty high up. Being me several rows is the AV Booth. I could see powerful spotlights being sent down onto the stage, the performers and their instruments and equipment. The stage had small colored lights as well that created more beautiful displays of multi-colored light patterns and splashes of intense colors which created shadows on the musicians while they performed. Pictures of outdoor scenery, tie-die and tree branch designs were also displayed on the long white sheets that stood up behind the musicians on the stage. The colors hit the stage, the musicians and their instruments filling the theatre with warmth, love and a glow that was incredibly magnificent. My eyes were filled with tears of joy, sheer pleasure and I couldn't stop smiling during the entire performance.

I wanted to hug the lighting guys! They used incredible combinations of rich velvety purple lighting on the musicians and a deep pumpkin orange on the long white sheets. Next they used fuchsia and blue combinations which mixed well with the mood of the music being played.

I love "Are You Going With Me?" It's one of my favorites.

Then they changed the scenery and design patterns displayed on the sheets. It was truly like watching an artist with a paintbrush and canvas. What else can I say except magnificent!!

A comment. The genius and talent of Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays has contributed to my personal faith that God in Heaven loves us, loves music and He blesses people with incredible talents like He's given to Pat and Lyle. You don't want to miss Heaven. I personally, am going to get bombed on the most beautiful music in the Universe and I believe that Pat and Lyle's music will be a part of that.

O.K., more of the concert.

What Pat Metheny does with those skilled, talented and well-trained fingers on scales and melodies on his guitars is awesome. The beautiful pieces he plays on the acoustic takes your breath away. You can see how sensitive he is while he performs. What Pat also does with his "toys" or special effects pedals on the electric guitar made me and the audience cheer, whistle, yell and clap with amazing excitement. Pat's melodies, especially "First Circle" (one of my favorites), is his trademark which will remain famous throughout eternity. Anyone who has not heard this song and CD, should go out and buy it right away.

Pat Metheny is now and always will be my favorite guitar player. Three hours of listening to him and his group is not enough time, but every dollar you pay for a ticket to go to his concert is worth spending. These guys are awesome!

Next, Lyle Mays. Lyle Mays, part of the "dynamic duo" has written with Pat for over twenty years, I believe. I think these guys have a strong love and respect for each other. Lyle plays the piano, keyboards and creates incredible midi composition arrangements that make you wonder..."how did he do that?"

Lyle is one of the most sensitive, passionate and gentle musicians I've ever seen. His fingers hit the keys with such skill making every note beautiful. What he plays and creates on the piano with those hands is absolutely exquisite, like the finest diamond cut with extreme precision and no error. I know how important his hands are to him.

I watched his hands play and heard beautiful sounds during his solos that he created using midi. I wish I could play and write like him. I cannot thank him enough for what he does for me every time I listen to him play. There is no other man on this planet like Lyle Mays. I still call him the "mad scientist" because he usually has his back to the audience while performing his improvisational magical music.

Mr. Steve Rodby, the bass player for the Pat Metheny Group has been with Pat and Lyle for awhile. He is incredibly talented. Steve plays this monstrous, electric standup bass with wonderful effects on it that he plucks out with his very strong fingers. I don't think The Group would be the same without him and his gift.

The new drummer Antonio Sanchez, well, he kicks butt!! Man!! His mastery, skill, quickness, strong legs and feet make him sound like two drummers playing together. I compare Antonio to my two favorites Steve Gadd and Rick Marotta, two of the world's famous studio drummers. They're the best and so is Antonio!! I really enjoyed watching him play solos! Awesome!!

Next, Richard Bona, also a new member of the Metheny Group. Richard took Pedro Aznar's place doing vocals and percussion and sound very much like him. Richard has a wonderfully high range and sings like an angel. He also plays percussion, acoustic guitar and xylophone. He reaches high notes with his voice that soothes the soul and spirit and fills your eyes with tears of joy. Man, is he a blessing!!

Cuong Vu, another new member of the Group has special talent. He uses some strange effects on his trumpet. They seemed to echo throughout the theatre during his solos. He also sings and plays xylophone. Cuong and Richard's voices together were indescribably heavenly. I love listening to them sing.

My intense love and respect for Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays has grown over the years, but after this show, I now know how much they respect themselves, their music, each other and all their fans who love them with a sweetness and love I've never seen. Because of the specialness of which these men are, I wish them God's richest blessings in every area of their musical careers.

I wish I could be their personal assistant in some capacity, travel with them everywhere and see all their performances. That would bless me.

As a Christian woman who loves jazz, I find this to be true. It is very sad that people who love Jesus Christ do not write or play beautiful music like Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. I wish they did. I think that more people would go to church to worship God if they knew music like that was going to be played.

The Pat Metheny Group performances create an atmosphere of love, joy and amazement for musicians and jazz lovers. The music is so incredibly beautiful that it reaches to the very depth of your soul and spirit. It also has a wonderful healing effect.

Finally, Pat Metheny has put together a group of truly blessed musicians with such sensitivity, love and genius that I can't emphasize it enough. I don't understand how anyone could not love this man and his music.

I completely admire Pat and Lyle's not selling out to commercialism like other guitar players we all know. Pat Metheny has proved that you don't have to be a whore in the music business. He will never have to sell out because he is a king among musicians, a precious gem among men and loved by God.

I've had the honor and privelege of meeting Pat Metheny four years ago and a couple of times after the show on April 5th when I got his autograph and handed him a note to give to Lyle Mays. Pat was so gentle and kind to me that I wanted to hug him. The tears came to my eyes again, but they were tears of love for a man who is very special to me and tears of sadness because he was leaving.

I forgot.....the first time I met Pat and shook his hand, he inspired me to write a beautiful piece of music a day after his concert. May God bless Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Steve Rodby, Richard Bona, Antonio Sanchez and Cuong Vu richly with more beautiful music to share with people on Earth. May God bless these men with love, peace, joy, mercy, riches and their hearts' desires. May all their travels be safe and blessed wherever they fly and drive. May they be welcomed and received with favor, love and respect everywhere.

I love you Pat and Lyle with my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your dreams and music with me personally. I can't get enough of your music.

I wish and pray that the man God gives me, my soulmate is as kind, talented, gentle, passionate, romantic and wonderful as you are and, a man that I can write music with that blesses people like you bless me. Your music takes my breath away and always will.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Pat Metheny Group
  • Concert Date: 4/5/2002
  • Subtitle: In Concert at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts
  • Venue: The Broward Center for the Performing Arts
  • City State Country: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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