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Youman Wilder Puts It All Together In The Vancouver Concert for Darfur

Youman Wilder Puts It All Together In The Vancouver Concert for Darfur

This Was a Benefit Waiting to Happen

Concert Review by: Herman Rawlings

Venue: The Vogue Theater (Vancouver British Columbia)

April 22nd,2007

Individuals who adopt worthy causes in support of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised people in society have a very difficult endeavor, especially when attempting to rise above other organizations trying to achieve the same objectives. Often times, the overall approach becomes easier when a celebrity or person of note becomes involved to garner support for a given charity.

That is exactly what happened when Singing Great Youman Wilder and some of his friends put on a special benefit performance for The Children Of Darfur Concert, his mission is to achieve "Awareness for Children and Victims of Darfur" There is an ongoing war in this Sudanese Country as well, one that bodes well with assistance and empowerment in order to obtain the best possible results for families and children of this Inhuman and illegal war against the Christian and darker skinned Darfarians. Because the cause is such an important one in the mind of soul singer Youman Wilder, he has adopted The Darfurian's to draw attention too.

For the second time in as many years,Youman invited some musicians from around the world to help elevate the consciousness of the atrocities that are taking place in the Sudan.

With that in mind, singers Iris Campbell, Jeannette' Bowman, Louise Charles along with stellar musicians Nelson Bainbridge (piano) Curtis Heyward (bass) Orlando Watson (Tenor Sax)

Markel Dupree (drums) Rickey King Electric Guitar,Paquito De Carlos Guzman Percussion's

(Luiz Carlos) Na Baixa do Sapateiro (Jamil Joanes) (Barroso - Oberdan) (Cláudio Stevenson - Cristóvão Bastos) Luiz Gonzaga - Humberto Teixeira) (Edu Lobo) (Oberdan)

All of these talented performers all came together to perform in a very special concert to highlight the

Save Darfur.Org goals and objectives. As a stand alone singer,Youman Wilder is one of the most complete performers of his generation.

He has the ability to transcend the confines of most artists by achieving considerable acclaim in all aspects of contemporary and modern R&B and Neo Soul Jazz.

His skilled approach to both jazz and gospel has not often been recognized in the minds of some, yet he remains one of the most creative minds in jazz,funk,blues and r&b.

As a supporter of Save Darfur.Org,Youman has the clout to pull off one of the most dynamic concerts of its kind, especially in a city where jazz is a dominant source of entertainment.

Collectively speaking, this event was well-suited towards pushing the organization into the forefront of community support.

One of the most unique aspects associated with this event is Youman Wilder the singer. Anyone who has ever experienced him in a live setting will acknowledge his considerable talent. He is energetic and pushes the envelope of perfection in whatever his musical endeavor, whether it be performing or recording.

His performance on the evening of April 22nd was not any different when it comes to examining Youman’s unique approach to his craft.

His performance was a funk-filled groove that was augmented by melodic nuances and compelling harmonies,Youman blew the roof of the great Vogue Theater ,The tenor was a tornado the powerhouse vocals on "Harlem Rain" was glorious,And the salute to the Darfur victims with the Stevie Wonder penned "Shelter In The Rain" showed the strong gospel influence of Youman.

My favorite song from Youman's set was the funked up version of Prince's "Dear Mr Man" while also drawing energy from Nelson,Markell, and Rickey King. Individually, each musician in his own right proved beyond the shadow of any doubt that they too were highly stylized dynamos.One of the highlight's of the show was Orlando Watson’s passionate embrace of Marvin Gaye’s tune "What's Going On," which received a rousing response from the audience. Bainbridge’s highly emotional and eclectic interpretation was passionate and very enlightening.

Iris Campbell,Jeannette Bowman’s tribute to the late Luther Vandross was filled with nostalgia and appreciation for a singer whose influence on music is without question.

Bassist Curtis Heyward was another intrepid highlight during the concert with his superb bass licks. He exhibited a three minute course on the art of funk and all the percussive elements surrounding his talent.

Wilder then blazed into some original songs "Motherless,Fatherless and Homeless Child Of America"

"Repping The Ghetto" and 'She Love's Me' and the stoic but inspirational 'In My Life' bought the SRO to it's feet.

Campbell, Bowman and Louise Charles Joined Wilder In a Gospel medley, that showed cased some of the best singing I have heard in a long while.

Starting off with "How I Got Over' and then singing 'Restoration' by the great family group 'The Winans'

Wilder bent and ripped every note, Wilder and Charles dueted on the lovely "I.O.U.ME' and then had the sold out crowd up in a frenzy with the soul stirring 'Jesus Is Love'

Wilder then performed John Legend's 'So High' and may have taken this Legend song and made it his very own.

The audience were particularly thrilled with the spiritual aspects of his performance. With Youman Wilder at the helm, the force was definitely upon the crowd of fans and supporters, where music and social awareness were elevated to new heights.

There were no fire works or exploding dancer's with no clothes on, just Youman Wilder and some incredible friends who showed the City Of Vancouver great music for an even greater cause.

In addition, it stands to reason why Youman was able to pull all of his resources together to make "Youman Wilder & Friends The Concert for Darfur" come together.

The Save Darfur.Org is a worth while organization that has a definite goal and purpose in the support of the children of Darfur, please help us end these atrocities

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Youman Wilder and Weird Stories
  • Concert Date: April 22nd 2007
  • Subtitle: Youman Wilder Puts It All Together In The Vancouver Concert for Darfur
  • Venue: Vouge Theater
  • City State Country: Vancouver British Columbia
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