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Youman Wilder sings Jazz, Blues and Hip-Hop on a evening of magic in Hartford Ct,

Youman Wilder sings jazz, blues and hip-hop on a evening of magic in Hartford Ct, Mimi Schwiaziak writer Youman Wilder's show at Ct School Of Performing Arts October 26, 2005.

I am never impressed by these so-so ran run of the Mill singers these days, but Wilder dismissed that notion.Mr. Wilder with Nelson Bainbridge (piano), Curtis Hewyward (bass), Markel Dupree (drums), Preston Torrey (sax) set a night of romantic and laid back jazz, blues, soul, and even hip-hop.

Wilder who entered the stage singing the Duke Ellington songbook, was brilliant "and if I may say showed a sexy and calm demand on-stage."

The 80-minute set went with some chatter in between songs. I loved his version of "Today I Sing The Blues" and the haunting "I Been Loving You" sent chills up my spine.

Wilder also decided to present some original material, the beautiful "So Close To Tomorrow" and the gospel inspired "You Can Save Me" showcased this singer in his element of gospel,which this singer never strays to far away from.

The Operatic conclusion on "The Masquerade Is Over" was greeted with one of the several standing ovation in which Wilder and his band "Weird Stories" received on this evening.

One of the super highlights was when Wilder and the band did a 4 x 4 time swing on the Duke Ellington classic "Take The A Train" Wilder then went into a scat filled celebration and then went hip hop with Musiq Soul Child's "Just Friends"(Sunny) the nicely mostly black tie audience got up and got down.

I was pleased that Wilder who has helped raise $20,000 for instruments for the "MusicCares" and the "Save The Music Foundation's" showed an overall brilliance on how to present a show that captured the spirit of the evening.The soulfulness and sheer tone of this talented singer has bought this singer to the break of major stardom.The only problem is will he sing Jazz or R&B? Its obvious he has all the qualities to be a major voice in whatever genre he decides to follow.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Youman Wilder and Weird Stories
  • Concert Date: October 26 2005
  • Subtitle: Youman Wilder's show at CT School Of Performing Arts
  • Venue: Ct School Of Performing Arts
  • City State Country: CT
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