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See The Sky by Beppe Di Benedetto 5tet

One day dad went back home, a strange black suitcase in his hand; and stood up in front of the 12 years old son. Inside the suit case, there was a shiny instrument, smelling new. Such was the curiosity that the boy decided to snatch the secret language of music: it was so moving, it made me so happy. "See the sky" is the fruit of a beautiful journey, a veritable résumé of my experiences, meetings and emotions through years and years spent playing music and living my life. It's a generous cd,  resultance of both enthusiasm and joy in making music; and it's, from time to time, intense, soft, minimal, furious, romantic. The five musicians of the quintet share respect and friendship, and show along the tracks the beauty of many years playing together. Beppe Di Benedetto

Beppe di Benedetto 5tet, See the Sky: Solid date led by di Benedetto's trombone, rounded off with sax, piano, bass, and drums. Nice mix of up tempo and ballads. This is straight-ahead bop with a modern touch. Benedetto has a graceful touch on trombone, which sometimes can elbow other instruments out of the way, but here, he's a seamless part of the quintet. Also, the compositions just flat out rock; tunes that soar and tunes that sway. The kind of album I can listen to over and over.  /Dave Sumner/

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Beppe Di Benedetto 5tet
  • CD Title: See The Sky
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Record Label: TRJ Records
  • Musicians: Beppe Di Benedetto, trombone Emiliano Vernizzi, soprano and tenor sax Luca Savazzi, piano Stefano Carrara, acoustic bass Alessandro Lugli, drums
  • Days to Feature: 6 Months
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