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ADDITIONAL INTERVIEW STAFF NEEDED: As our site's reach continues to expand, so do the requests from labels, PR firms and artists for interviews. Interview Editor, Denis Poole is seeking additional staff members that would like to participate on our interview staff. If you are interested in interviewing jazz artists, please email Denis at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will contact you directly with a bit more information regarding the interview process and participation on our interview staff. Also, if you are currently part of the interview staff and would like to be temporarily or permanently removed from our interview staff, please send Denis a note so he can make the necessary change.

STAFF UPDATE: It is with great sadness that I inform our staff of the passing of Senior Staff Writer, Lee Prosser on July 10th, 2011. Lee was one of our original staff members and has written more articles for than any other writer in our 14 year history. Lee will be greatly missed.

BOOK REVIEWERS NEEDED: From time to time receives a variety of books related to jazz. With the passing of Lee Prosser, we need to find other staff members that are willing to review the books that we receive from the book publishing companies. If you are interested in filling this role, please send me an email.

CD AND ARTICLE SUBMISSION: I would like to thank everyone for the recent submissions to the site, and wanted to relay just a couple of quick notes. Please be sure to put only the first paragraph or teaser text in the top content box, and place the full article text in the bottom content box. Also be sure to fill out the information on the Extra Fields tab. Some people are forgetting to fill in the Extra Fields tab when they make their submission.

CHANGES TO ARTICLES: If you need any changes made to an article that has already been approved by an editor, please send an email to the responsible editor for that area, and let them know what changes need to be made. The editor will make the necessary changes to an approved article.

FACEBOOK: If you have a Facebook account and would like to help promote the site, please "Like Us" by going to:

EDITOR AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: If you have a question regarding a submission and need to talk to an editor, please refer to the list below for the correct editor. A note can sent to an editor by going to the staff contact page at:

•Acid Jazz - Norm Breest

•Ambient Jazz - Norm Breest

•BeBop / Hard Bop - CD Review - Suzi Price

•Big Band / Swing - CD Review - Suzi Price

•Blues - CD Review - Norm Breest

•Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz - CD Review - Ana Isabel Ordonez

•Contemporary Jazz / Modern - CD Review - Ana Isabel Ordonez

•Cool Jazz - CD Review - Suzi Price

•Cubop - CD Review - Norm Breest

•Electronica - CD Review - Norm Breest

•Folk Jazz - CD Review - Ana Isabel Ordonez

•Free Jazz / Avante Garde - CD Review - Ana Isabel Ordonez

•Fusion - CD Review - Norm Breest

•Gospel - CD Review - Norm Breest

•Gypsy Jazz - CD Review - Ana Isabel Ordonez

•Holiday Jazz - CD Review - Suzi Price

•Jazz DVD / Video - CD Review - Suzi Price

•Jazz Vocals - CD Review - Suzi Price

•Latin Jazz / Latin Funk - CD Review - Ana Isabel Ordonez

•New Age - CD Review - Norm Breest

•Other - CD Review - Ana Isabel Ordonez

•Progressive - CD Review - Ana Isabel Ordonez

•Ragtime Jazz - CD Review - Suzi Price

•Smooth Jazz - CD Review - Norm Breest

•Soul / Funk Jazz - CD Review - Norm Breest

•Straight-Ahead / Classic - CD Review - Suzi Price

•Traditional / New Orleans - CD Review - Suzi Price


BLOGGERS WANTED: As a part of our new Jazz Community Area, we can now offer blogs to anyone who would like to blog about jazz. We are looking to feature a few of our staff members as our featured staff bloggers. Please send me an email if you are interested in being one of our featured bloggers.


We would like to welcome our newest writers and photographers to our staff. Help me in extending a warm welcome to our new collaborators. We would like to welcome to the team the following new staff members: Josh Sugar, Jeff Wanser and Marilyn Bellemore.

Thanks from the management

As always, we would like to thank you for your love of jazz music and dedication as a staff member of With our combined and collaborative efforts, will continue to spread the gospel of jazz around the world.

Morrice, Cheryl, Suzi, Norm, Ana, Nathan, and Juan

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