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The jazz photography presented at is becoming one of the most popular areas of our site. We will accept photography from our staff photographers, freelance photographer as well as jazz fan concert photos.  However, our featured jazz galleries will be limited to our staff photographers and selected freelance work.  Recently increasing the amount of photos on the site and adding new photography staff, we have found the need to develop consistency in the submission of photos. In order to simplify and expedite the submission of photos to, we have developed a set of formatting guidelines for our photographers to follow. Please bookmark this page and review the formatting guidelines below.

  1. Photo Resolution: Your photos should be reduced down to 72 dpi in a graphics program such as Adobe PhotoShop. This is the highest dpi that today's web browsers can handle.
  2. Cropping: Photos should be cropped to your desired framing.
  3. Sizing Photos: Photos should then be sized down to a size no greater than 700 pixels x 700 pixels (the longest side of the photo should be no larger than 700 pixels.) If the photos are too large, they will take too long to download and a visitor may opt to leave the page rather than wait for the download.
  4. File Format: The photo should now be converted into a JPG format (60%)
  5. File Names: It is best to name the photos starting with the artist of group name so that will show up on the page under the photo and you will not have to rename each photo once submitting.  (e.g.: Miles Davis_1)
  6. Number of Photos: Try to select your top ten to twelve photos from any one particular show. If you are covering a festival with multiple shows and artists, try to select your top one or two photos of each artist or submit separate galleries for each artist.
  7. Submitting Your Photo Galley: In order to submit your photos, please use our our Photo Gallery submission form inside the Jazz Community Page.  For an indepth tutorial regarding the submission process, please watch the turtorial video below.
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