Hip Chick Music The Opus of a Music Label Vision

The unification of resonance, philosophies, and talent cements the foundation of a new vision in the music label concept; a vision which brings the fan and the artist into a community of communication. Free of barriers, rules, or back stage pass dealings, Hip Chick Music (HCM) is the opus of CEO Elise Lebec, which brings the basic two elements of the music world together; the artist and the listening public. Thus, filling the void that has been lost in the pool called the music industry, with cookie cutter talent and the absence of creativity; the fans have been subjected too. In addition, HCM unifies the artiste, on a level playing field.

Historically, labels held the fate of artist’s career development. Marketing, promoting, and sales were all in the industries control. With the growth of the internet and the handicapped music industry sales, the world has changed dramatically. Social networking has become a staple in the entertainer’s life; My Space, Facebook, and Twitter, all have become a tool in one way, shape or form. The control has come back, in some way’s, to the artist as these networks became part of their marketing framework. However, such issues as sound quality on streams has blurred the talents and clogged the arteries of their promotional growth.

Ms. Lebec has scrutinized the climate of entities, the fan and the artist. Whether the artist is cemented in the industry or has a "heavy with promise" journey ahead, HCM creates a forum for the artist to receive high profit, heavy traffic, and a mutli-dimensional marketing stream. However, more importantly, the feedback from their direct base, the fan! In addition HCM allows the artist the support for their style, without compromising the publishing efforts, thus promoting the artists craft, globally.

As for the listener, those who passionately delve into the artistic palette with tenacious fervor, with great energy and are the harshest of critics, Ms Lebec offers those dedicated masses, the opportunity to know their artists in a more intimate dimension. By allowing the fan to have that open pipeline, HCM enhances the artists marketing activity through networking, when slow economic climates would normally not allow this effort.

In essence Hip Chic Music, Inc. is a ground-breaking music label that performs the business of music, with compassion, focusing on the artist’s needs, concerns and personal desires.

In searching out the answer of the difference between the traditional music label and HCM I found varied opinions however I found the tone of many to mirror a common denominator. "Apart from HCM being a women’s' label, it was their (HCM) philosophy that intrigued me." Australian singer/songwriter Michelle Chandler affirms. "Finally someone seemed to get it. Instead of having to do everything on our own as independent artists, HCM is bringing artists together to share their expertise and ideas in a supported environment, enabling us to reach a much larger audience than we may have previously." Blues vocalist Mia Vermillion elaborates a deeper dissection into HCM. "It's refreshing and is filling an authentic need for women - and not to the exclusion of men." Mia continues with an emotional observation. "HCM values the collective heart, which is an essential value in building a strong community. Other labels don't seem to have that kind of insight or approach. I believe it is because of HCM's understanding regarding the inclusiveness of women and the interconnection we all share as people that HCM will ultimately win the opportunity to make a true impact in the world of music and entertainment."

The success of a music label thinking "left of center" is what differentiates the past from the future mindset; Michelle shares her experience with the new label. "The biggest challenge is that I'm an Australian based artist and obviously a long way from California. Elise has worked tirelessly to maintain strong communication and keep me apprised of marketing and events. Other labels I’ve had dealings with have always found the distance too hard to deal with effectively." Mia attaches her void with the past and how HCM filled it. "My desire to foster the idea of making it more inclusive for women to participate more fully in the world is understood and relevant to HCM and it is foundational to me. This is not something I would find at other labels and is vital to my energy and purpose regarding the creation of music. HCM helps to fuel my fire....and has connected my work with a like minded community of artists and fans."

One major issue which has plagued the journey of many female artists is the hoops they have to go through which can allow major potholes in the career traveled roadways.

Blues vocalist Mia has had her crossroads to bear, yet one question still puzzles her. "What I come up against the most is the "limiting" mentality. What I mean is there seems to be a limit to the number of women occupying the upper echelons of successes in the genre.

I can't tell you completely the reasons for it." Mia tries to speculate why." I know it is not because of lack of talent. I know female fans love to see the women in blues and so do men. It's sexy and powerful stuff."

On the other hand Michelle has dissected her experiences as a growing female artist. "I guess I struggle with the image of women being promoted for the most part as talent-less eye candy with little or no imagination. I am a musician, and a singer/songwriter and my songs represent me, not my body or what I can do with it in a three minute video." In both of these women cases HCM has, with their concept, made these core issues and many like them, extinct within the community.

Mia Vermillion and Michelle Chandler may not speak for the female fellowship of artists, but their needs mirror those who filter into the enriched world of HCM. Looking for a label that embraces the inner soul of the artist, with the revitalized embracement of their talents, the female artist today has a kinship budding in this village of musicianship.

The appetite of fans today, due to the popularity of internet music sites, is at paramount levels. Downloads, audio sampling, interactive sites, all bring the fans closer to the studio. HCM now brings those same fans closer to their artists and connects them to their lives. From video conferences on ADD to life’s trial and tribulations, this escorts the artist out of the jewel box and into the fans inner circle. Lost in this new wave label is also that fact that the fan will be introduced to a far greater stage of new music, melodies, and genres, which can only broaden their eclectically-challenged libraries. HCM has brought interaction to a new level!

Music, as a business needs to embrace its purist of basics needs, the art of entertainment and performance, then and only then will the growth of the industry hit its stride. Hip Chick Music deals with those basics in a new modern world. The wax has been replaced with the iPod, the artists are more savvy and independent, and the fans are far more intellectual and eclectic, this is where HCM attacks and addresses the music populace. The flight of HCM is still open to speculation and theory, growing with each hit of the website. This concept can be explained somewhat with what Neil Young once stated, ""Without freedom of expression, good taste means nothing." CEO Elise Lebec has rejuvenated that theory, as the rebirth of "freedom of expression" has become the foundation of her vision!

For more information into the depth of this new concept go to www.hipchickmusic.com.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Hip Chick Music
  • Event Date: 3/1/2009
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