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Trombonist Wayne Wallace has released the second installment in his trilogy, making each disc a compact microcosm of Latin-jazz, funk, R&B, soul, and tribal music and forming harmonious unions on each. This second disc in this series entitled The Nature Of The Beat, features Melecio Magdaluyo and Ron Stallings on saxophones, Frank Martin on piano and synthesizer, and Louis Fasman on trumpet to mention only a few musicians that give Wallace's music its rhinestone shimmer and festive contour. Wallace also works in pulsating vocal melodies from singers Orlando Torriente and Claytoven Richardson who move along the grooves with a soulful temperance. Wallace's music bridges the three continents of Africa, South America, and North America, and creates a harmonious union that world leaders could take some hints from and recognize that if music can do this so can policies of socio-political significance.

The Nature Of The Beat proceeds the first part of the trilogy called The Reckless Search For Beauty, which was released in 2007. Both CD's are imprinted on Wallace's label, Patois Records, which has also released records by singer-songwriters Kat Parra and Alexa Weber Morales. For The Nature Of The Beat, Wallace tweaks the classic Latin number "Besame Mucho" and George and Ira Gershwin's tune "Fascinatin' Rhythm" with streaks of funk-infused rays. His reworking of "Serpentine Fire," which was written by Maurice White, Verdine White and Sonny Burke and made famous by Earth, Wind and Fire, is a splendid rendition that renews the song's robust flame. Wallace's original compositions "Mis Amigos," "jNo Esta Complicado!," and "Oshumare" are jubilant blends that use rations of Afro-Latin accents and sensual strokes fossilized from R&B/soul templates. Wallace also remakes Gerry Mulligan's tune "Jeru" and Herbie Hancock's song "Coming Running To Me" with such an impassioned vigor that he makes them one of his own. He also brands Teddy Powell and Robert Sharp, Jr.'s classic tune "Unchain My Heart" with the same spirited moxie and radiant glow that has made Wayne Wallace a vivacious musician, composer, arranger, and producer.

Produced by Wayne Wallace, The Nature Of The Beat leaves you feeling like you have taken several big gulps of a bubbly champagne. Though Wallace is from the San Francisco Bay Area, his music shares properties with Africa's Lionel Loueke, the festive compunction of Cuba's Celia Cruz, and the lush R&B/soul voicing of America's Candace Jones. Wallace has been nominated for three Latin Grammys and he was awarded an N.E.A. grant for jazz composition to write a three part suite entitled "Digging Up The Roots." Wallace's music does not only embody the diverse music cultures infesting San Francisco, South America, Cuba, and West Africa, but his music serves a greater good where Latin influences meld into the larger macrocosm of world music.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Wayne Wallace
  • Subtitle: Creating Harmonious Unions
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