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Fusion guitarist Richard Hart has recently signed a mechanical license agreement with GAG Order Films, which is owned by Ron Day at Arthur Marie Company, to use 7 of the 9 songs from his album Fearless Shores for the company’s motion picture The Lawn Boy. The film was written and co-produced by Arthur Marie, directed by Ron Gonzalez and produced by Tim Grace. It was recently shown at the Hollywood Black Film Festival on June 5, 2008 in Beverly Hills, California, and again at Yoshi's Laemmle Music Hall 3 in San Francisco on June 8, 2008. Both showings were froth were compliments and applause from the audiences.

The movie is a romantic comedy about a young, single white female named Jennifer, played by Melissa Odom, who is having no luck with the guys that she has been dating until fate steps in and introduces her to a young, African-American male named Michael, played by Jordan K. Spradley. Michael works as a lawn manicurist, mowing other people’s lawns for his income, but his charming smile is able to melt icicles and his thoughtfulness is everything that Jennifer ever wanted in a man but never found before. All is fine until Jennifer and Michael want to take their relationship a step further and introduce each other to their parents. This is where the conflict begins and the movie handles the drama with comedy and human tenacity to hold onto a good thing.

Richard Hart’s music from Fearless Shores helps audiences to experience this story with songs that give depth to the heart-felt emotions portrayed by the actors. Hart’s intuitive understanding for projecting sorrow, joy and hope in his guitar chords is palpable. Fearless Shores features Hart’s quartet with Hart on guitar, Dorothy Soto on bass, Mark Winkel on drums, and Ron Munn on saxophone. Hart recently ranked #166 on’s top 200 guitarists. Though Hart and Fearless Shores has made waves in the jazz market, the mechanical license with GAG Order Films has put Hart’s record in a whole other playing field where people who may not listen to jazz can hear it.

Hart explains how this agreement came to fruition, "The story goes like this: Approx 9 months ago I was flying from Las Vegas to Amarillo to perform in Oklahoma. I met a gentleman by the name of Jason Prisoc while on the flight and we struck up a conversation about where we going and what we were doing. Got around to my jazz guitar playing, recording etc., and he said that he had a close friend who was a film producer by the name of Tim Grace and that I should send my CD to him because he was always looking for instrumental material, especially jazz for his films. So I contacted Tim Grace by email, sent the CD and heard absolutely nothing for 8 months. 3 weeks ago, I get a lengthy email apologizing for not getting back to me sooner because he was in post production on "The Lawn Boy" and would I be interested in signing a mechanical licensing agreement for the motion picture - 7 songs all listed with credits, titles and record label."

"Like I’d say no," Hart chortles, "but I retained my copyrights and publishing rights to all material. I was hopeful that there will be interest and this is a blessing and great opportunity for me."

They say that good things come in small packages and Richard Hart is amazed how a small suggestion can accrue into a major big deal. He has signed with BMI and is able to see Fearless Shores go in a direction that only divine intervention could have made happen.

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