Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival will be organized on Aruba

It will finally happen on August 18th and 19th 2007. The first Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival will be organized on Aruba. The well known Aruba Jazz & Latin Music Festival which no longer takes place could be seen as a predecessor. The visitors of that event can once again enjoy a weekend of good music and taste the real festival feeling.

Cas di Cultura, the national theatre, will be transformed to a jazz paradise. During the festival national and international artist will perform. Grammy, Latin Grammy and Emmy award winner Michel Camilo is one of the artist who will perform at the first Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival. He is a composer and pianist extraordinaire. Besides Michel Camilo the audience can admire sax and flute player Praful and his international band. Before going solo, Praful stood at the base of successful Dutch formations Bayuba Cante and Project 2000. For the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Praful will play jazz with a strong Latin/Brazilian flavour, fuels by fiery Indian and Middle Eastern percussion. Also Randal Corsen will make his attendance at the festival. Randal, winner of a Edison jazz award, will perform with his Randal Corsen quartet; Randal himself, Eric Calmes, Enrique Firpi and (Grammy Award nominee 2007) Pernell Saturnino. The flash back concept will allow the audience to see the local artists performing in an entire different way. Most local bands will not sound like they do regularly during the festival. They have all chosen one of their musical hero’s and will play a tribute or covers of that musician.

On the festival grounds we want the audience to find their way through all the music, drinks, food and art. Therefore do not forget to stop at La Papa Food Court. La Papa offers all different kinds of food and beverage to satisfy your appetite. Besides the food court, La Papa will offer the audience the opportunity to purchase t-shirt, cd’s etc of their favourite artists. Also enter the Bacardi Cocktail Lounge to get your drink or just to relax. For this festival different artists will create art inspired by jazz , these artworks will be displayed in the Jazz Expo.

So do you love live music, culture and entertainment? Then you simply can not miss the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival.

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