Jazz art takes shape

Day 13 of the current Jazz live-art painting by Manfred Hoenig. This painting which is 110*170 cm is entitled "From Harlem to Hollywood" and depicts the great Jazz years and the Cotton Club era. The work is being created in collaboration with Jazz vocalist Michael Danso, and we are garnering support from an ever increasing number of top names, including Jeff May, David Beecroft and George Walker, with pictures and clips on the Eurogallery site. This fusion of art and music is creating a wave of interest that is flowing outward and creating little ripples as far away as Australia, where we have hooked up with Mark Whitty and his own Jazz compositions, that are being played in USA! It is indeed a small world the Jazz community. The artwork is to include some of the great names from the original Cotton Club days and the artists own annotations for each step as the picture progresses, along with his profound research into the era to get a true sense of authenticity into the painting, makes some very interesting reading. Take a look at the painting, and watch as it evolves until late July, where the completed work will be released at a special Jazz Art event.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Manfred Hoenig
  • Event Date: may 'til july
  • Subtitle: day 13 'From Harlem to Hollywood'
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