A new music opera from artist Marco Esu

After a period of hush and job dedicated to the composition, the artist Marco Esu introduces in his web site a particular series of scores and new compositions, written for several instruments and available integrally to all person who can use the web.

Having dedicated as well as time to the several studys of instruments like the guitar, violin and the piano, between which an instrument that have inspired the melodys and that today it has carried the artist to introduce its compositions, for many reasons these compositions will not be publish to you in CD or other phonographic means and therefore will remain always accessible to the public one from a written aspect, that is in scores. The songs that characterized all can be had through the page web "download" of the site www.marcoesu.com, that it concurs to open a window in which all will be able to be visualized the pages and possibly they will be able to be printed. The titles of the songs are several and many particular, as an example "a Solène" or "il sogno d'una Donna", others instead "Amare" or "Triste", in order then to arrive to minuetto from the title it "Angy+Hola", the characters are several and passing from the classic atmospheres, which are always present in music of the artist and beyond to these classic shapes small are noticed references to the jazz and music of the south-America, which inspires from years the melodie of Marco. As first page will notice a beautiful sunset, a particular a lot attractive, in a half-hidden sun from spring clouds, with the nearly divine colors of a Sardinian and charming sky like a poema, all this is that helps the artist to write, to create and gives the possibility to see the colors to put in music; even if, it is obvious that the feminine figure is a fundamental part for the inspiration of the artist, in fact, already in others its you work, already introduces to you also in past, the feminine figure is one main member in the artistic vision of Marco, a way in order to render homage to that the Women can give the man. That that it can be said of the artist is that it too much loves not to be present in the mass media of mass as the TV, but is also true that it has intentionally created this series of compositions also in order to give who loves the reading of music an other way in more gives to see notes written, as also who loves that one of the literature or that one of who loves the painting and in this way the interpretation of the melodys is pure free also, than being written not damage that a base of that it will play in the hands of the interpreters. Being to the declaration of Marco: - these compositions will not come played from me in concert or in other ways, enough the musical writing in order to disclose the art of this music and if there will be who it will appreciate these compositions, even if it were one only to the world or a single person to the world, is just to create the art and to give it to the life (queste composizioni non verranno suonate da me in concerto o in altri modi, basta la scrittura musicale per divulgare l'arte di questa musica e se ci sarà chi apprezzerà questi brani, anche se fosse uno solo al mondo o una sola persona al mondo, è giusto creare l'arte e regalarla alla vita). "Marco Esu" Others questions are..., he introduces a new series of innovation in the his site, this after the presentation of the CD "U.S.E. Angiola ", hour introduces its artistic creations in several other ways, like the painting and the photography, showing that the artist sees in its earth born them and showing that the simple of the nature creates. Beyond to having several collaborations in the web, than give many new experiences at the artist, Internet it turns out a new way to introduce its art without alleys and free in every its way, in fact, observing several the ways in which it has obtained a good acknowledgment between the several a webmaster and this is a large aid from part of they in order to introduce its work. Several they are its introduced works, like as an example some photos that have images of the sunsets of its earth and others that they represent points in shadow, but also always much beautiful of the Sardinia, a rich island of surprise, beyond to the sea and for this and other reasons the artist will introduce other photographies cured from same he that represent this island which opens to the way thanks to traditions and a charming sea, always tied to infuences of Spanish... Why do you see the web site http://www.marcoesu.com/ ? The site extension many connections to several site of every type and also of the music world, an important part for the artist, that it offers the possibility to listen his mp3, thanks also to others site like www.mp3.com.au/marcoesu or www.idyllium.it/marco_esu.htm and www.bluepie.com.au/blueradio, which having several licences can disclose music through Internet, is also possible to have others informations opening some other present pages in the indices of the Home Page of the web site of Marco, than for several reasons he is nearly all in English and Italian. But an other surprise is a curious video of the 2003, approximately four minuteren of free improvisation, a video entire in live and without that have a performance of classic guitar improvisation, with the possibility to open the rows free of charge, the video, in fact, has been produced in collaboration with "Studio 63", than cure from years works of productions audio and video. Marco picks the occasion in order to introduce artists several of the musical field, professionals who also they give years work in the musical field, citing names as Solène Getenet, Chiara Bertoglio, Sante Palumbo and others like Damien Reilly or Sahra (www.sahra.com.au), all to render the site rich of surprise and legacy to the art does not only characterize them of the artist. Observing the page web "question to" www.marcoesu.com/question.php , visible from the Home Page of the situated one, it is possible to approach various news, comprised the presentations of artists estimates you from same he, it is for their artistic qualities and is for humility that is noticed in knowing them and to listen to them, addressed towards fields legacies to the jazz and the classic music, in fact, is very present a good part of news which introduces large of classic music like Mozart and Paganini or the Carulli and many others.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Marco Esu
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