Franck Amsallem's Out A Day rereleased

This debut recording was originally released in 1992 and also released in 1997 as "Another Time" (if you have a copy, trust us: it's going to be collectable). The writing is exquisite "...And Keep This Place In Mind For a Better One is Hard To Find" and the following two tracks, "Running After Eternity" and "Dee" are among the finest for piano trio we have heard in a very long time. Those that follow, " On Your Own" and "Affreusement Votre (Horribly Yours)", are almost equally as good. Peacock's huge sound reaches out and embraces the melodies, while Stewart, who was little known in 1990 when the recording was made, plays with delicacy and grace. We're in danger of gushing and embarrassing ourselves. Sample this wonderful record at all costs.

1998 PENGUIN GUIDE TO JAZZ ON CDS, 4th edition

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Franck Amsallem
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