Angelic Appeal from Rising UK Jazz Singer Juliet Kelly

Growing up in a strictly religious family that banned her from listening to any kind of music apart from the religious variety, London-born, Juliet Kelly has already overcome the odds to become a jazz singer and songwriter, releasing a debut album to critical acclaim that has lead to many tipping her as "one to watch". Now she is attempting what she has labelled "either an excellent or disastrous idea" to raise money from the jazz community to help release her next album.

On her website, Juliet says, "Although I've written an album's worth of new songs, so far I don't have any serious interest from any labels. Jazz has been pretty popular recently, but unfortunately record companies seem to be leaning towards standards and cover versions rather than original material. Anyway, I've had what may be either an excellent or a disastrous idea - I thought what if I could get say 1,000 people each to donate £1 / $1 (or whatever they could afford) towards the cost of recording my next album? Well, I've decided to put it to the test! If everyone reading this made a small donation, I'd be able to continue on my musical journey... Thanks in advance for your help!"

Juliet has also promised that larger donations will receive a credit on her album when it's released so if you fancy becoming one of Juliet's "Jazz Angels" go to to find out more.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Juliet Kelly
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