Liza with a Z at Ozzfest?

Apparently rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne wants and is "desperate" to manage jazz singer Liza Minnelli. Minnelli, 59, has had a very rough year with numerous false claims of abuse, shallow sexual harrasment lawsuits, and numerous health and vocal problems. After her divorce to music producer David Gest in 2003, things have been downhill for the daughter of Judy Garland. Liza with a "Z" has had no management since her divorce and has managed to pull of a summer tour in 2004 all by herself. Despite rumors of alchol slip-ups and such, she managed to get standing ovations before and after almost every song in every concert of her tour. She's got the perfect combo of shobiz genes and is an irreplaceable shobiz legend. Earlier in the week Minnelli fell out of bed in her NYC Upper East Side apartment and landed on her head. This incident happend a day before she was scheduled to perform a trio of New Year's Eve concerts in Miami, FL at Barton G. She insisted on performing even though she was in no condition, when doctors convinced the star that her health is more important. She is now out of the hospital and yes, she's in talks with rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne. Sharon apparently called the living legend to tell Liza of her ideas of a comeback and a re-invention with new material and a whole new image for people of any age, particularly the young crowd. Sharon Osbourne is critcized for many things, but one thing is for sure.....If you can marry Ozzie Osbourne, and keep him sober, and manage two children with drug and alcohol problems, on top of managing Ozzie's career, I think you can handle Liza Minnelli. Sharon believes that she can "rescue" Liza and put her back on top where she belongs. All in all, Liza May will always be on top but wouldn't it be just grand if she were to attain the status she deserves instead of these nonsense lawsuits and allegations to make this poor woman look like a Mohammed Ali protege. Leave her alone and let her do what she does best, PERFORM!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Liza Minnelli
  • Subtitle: Sharon Osbourne to manage Liza Minnelli
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