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"Joshua Trinidad blows up the jazz realm in Denver with his new take on trumpet playing." such is the opinion of popular Jazz magazine Downbeat, a source well known for it’s inside to the latest and greatest in the Jazz scene. It is rare that a small upscale Jazz venue in Denver Colorado can make December feel like June. Combine the soul and skill of the Joshua Trinidad Quintet, with the classy ambiance and cravable food of Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge, and it was anything but cold inside.

The Quintet is comprised of five talented twenty-something year old musicians. These are the young men who were born to play music, and lucky for us, Denver is the first audience to receive it. What makes good music? Not just the kind we sing along to on the radio, but the kind that captures our bodies until even the least rhythmic wall-flower is tapping his foot and bobbing his head It is in the delivery and honesty of the music. For these five guys, music was never a question, it was the answer. The passion with which they play rubs off onto the every member of the crowd, as though contagious. Their unity is built on strong communication, as each man respectively enjoys the others solo’s and then come together in perfect time, as if they were having a conversation with only their instruments and eyes. The audience response is awe, and a quiet demand for more.

Joshua Trinidad leads the quintet on trumpet. Josh is exploding into the Jazz scene right now, offering a fresh and intelligent twist on the work his predecessors. He contributes his initial Jazz influence to the likes of many artists; Wynton Marsalis, John Coltrane, and Arturo Sandoval to name a few. Joshua’s greatest influence however, is Ron Miles. Miles is a successful composer, educator and recording artist, who is also one of Josh’s professors at Metro State College of Denver. When I spoke with Ron about Josh’s admiration, his response was humble and complimentary, "well, he said with a genuine smile, "it goes both ways." Being respected by those who have lead you is a profound accomplishment for a musician.

Josh isn’t the only one who is gaining credit as a professional musician; every member of the quintet is accountable for the transition of jazz to come. . Antwon Owens, percussionist, has also lead the quintet in performance. His charm radiates from behind his drum set, and he is great at making every member of the audience feel like he is playing just for them. He describes his band mates as fresh, fabulous musicians, and great friends. Nathan Walter accompanies on upright base. He is the core of the music and a place of common ground, where all the other instruments must feed from. He is a rock. Guitar is perfected by Jim Disner, a dedicated and inspiring player who wears his heart on his hand, and touches everyone else’s with the audible beauty he creates. Greg Warren plays the tenor saxophone more beautifully then anyone I have ever heard. He is precise, stylistic, and somewhat rebellious, all of which provides a unique visual component to the show. The five are introducing a sound to Denver that the rest of the country might be talking about soon.

Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge is a sit down establishment, however both times that I have seen the quintet perform there, the night has ended with an audience created dance floor. The music is so good that it moves your body, literally.

Downbeat Magazine has listed Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge as one of the 100 best Jazz clubs in the world. I sat down with club owner Donald Rossa, to discuss the quintet; "It is impressive as a club owner to have musicians promote and sell out their own shows. The Joshua Trinidad quintet has provided a great turn out. They are very professional musicians, great to work with." The quintet is sure to perform at Dazzle in the near future. Other places to see the group as a whole or its members individually (or in other groups) include Blue Ice (Ellsworth and Broadway), El Chapultepec (19th and Market) and the Falling Rock (19th and Blake). You can also see them at University of Colorado at Denver and Metro State College ensembles.

A song is a three minute universe. Good music looses you, and moves you to leave your world behind. It is not a persuasion, but a privilege. It’s a story that is different for everyone. The music of the Joshua Trinidad quartet will take you on a journey, like traveling parts of yourself, and returning the same night.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joshua Trinidad Quintet
  • Event Date: Dec 8 2004
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