Classic Concerts of the 1970s: The Encores Continue - Recently Released!

Hundreds of slides and photographs of rock and jazz musicians lay neatly stashed away in several notebooks owned by Mark E. Lawhon; photos he had taken of the monster groups, both rock and jazz, of the incredible musical era of the 1970s. Now, his best shots have been made public in his new book, Classic Concerts of the 1970s: The Encores Continue. This book contains never-before-seen photos of many incredible musicians in some of their most memorable performances. Although his book is geared toward rock music, Lawhon captured many jazz immortals on film as well including: Return to Forever, Weather Report (specifically Jaco Pastorius) and Larry Coryell!

Lawhon was meticulous in formatting this book and chose incredible poses of Return to Forever's impressive line-up of super musicians, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola, and Lenny White. As if this weren't enough, he also was able to record for posterity by the 1977 Return to Forever, featuring Chick and Stanley again, but with this time, vocalist Gayle Moran (later to become Chick's wife), Joe Farrell, and Gerry Brown.

In addition, Lawhon was able to photograph a rare Midwest performance by jazz master guitarist Larry Coryell at the Lawrence, KS Opera House in February 1981! One can feel the energy emanating from the photos at this solo event by Coryell. But, the Coryell/Lawhon legacy doesn't end there! Fourteen years later, Lawhon discovered that his pictures of Coryell from the Lawrence performance adorned the front and back of Coryell's 1993 CD "Bolero"! Lawhon had met Larry backstage and had been given Larry's management address, where Lawhon later sent duplicate slides ! Lawhon's name appears on the inside liner notes to "Bolero."

Wait! The story isn't over! Lawhon went back to his alma-mater Missouri Western State College in the late '90s and in an European History course was intriqued by his professor's name, Dr. Daniel Trifan. Could this have been the same "Danny" Trifan that was a bass player with Coryell's original Eleventh House Orchestra? Indeed it was, as unbelieveable as that sounds! Lawhon and Trifan became fast friends!

Then, in 2001, Lawhon organized a reunion between Coryell and Trifan at the St. Louis Jazz Festival! All of the information on Trifan, Coryell, their pasts, and the reunion is included in Lawhon's book, Classic Concerts of the 1970s: The Encores Continue! These are stories Lawhon had previously written in a newspaper called the St. Joseph Telegraph, in St. Joseph, MO.

Also, for you jazz lovers, Lawhon includes an interview he did with Chick Corea after Chick's performance with the Kansas City Symphony in 1998, entitled "Music Magic Comes to Kansas City".

Finally, Lawhon shows an artistic flare in his shots of the jazz master-bassist, Jaco Pastorius at the latter's performance with Weather Report at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, MO. The shot of Jaco in a reflective musical moment with Wayne Shorter evokes many emotions, one of which is sadness that Jaco's life ended so tragically and needlessly.

In conclusion, though Lawhon's book is clearly geared toward classic rock during this era, he nevertheless was able to capture at their synergistic peak the giants of jazz fusion of the 1970s.

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