Royal Jones Decree

Intro: I loved the intro it’s a nice touch to hear a personal touch toward the achievement of this project.

You Broke the Circle: Great production, nicely paced dance track, righteous keyboard licks, Jones’ vocals are a throwback to the 80’s when Sylvester ruled the dance floor.

Echo: Lounge lizard sound, relaxing beat, pleasing guitar and percussion on this jazzy track, white linen feel, Royal shows his versatility.

Ride Out of Control: Funky back beat, with a peppering of horns, laid on a Royal poem, again another song that can keep your attention through the thunder storm of life. Jones takes a chance with this one, but you can’t help but like the punch of the horns.

Confused: Change of pace track where Royal has to show his vocal ability. He does a great job of staying ahead of the guitar lick chasing him to the finish.

Pain Stain: The most fun I have ever heard in a lover’s quarrel, creative lyrics, and bass line lead to a nice crescendo. Wonder if they stay together.

Beware: Production has the sound that was used for early break beats in hip-hop. Reminds me of Level 42, not a bad comparison. Royal worked hard vocally on this track running between booths for lead and background vocals.

Make Things Nice: Nice production, funky stylizing from Royal on this track shows that he wants to be taken seriously. You hear the richness of his voice throughout.

Love Like a Freak: Hot dance track to push the envelope again. The strobe lights can’t keep up with this one. Love the vocal arrangement.

Epiphany: Whoa, Royal it suddenly dawned on me I think you have a winner. If I play the vocal track backwards is that Sam Cooke singing? I really DIG this track.

Reality: Eclectic sound, played loud you can really get the true measure of this track, there’s a lot going on. I like the hard sound of guitar in battle with the drum tracks.

Bonus Track: You have to buy it to get it.

Royal Jones You Broke the Circle

Royal is a throwback to the days of Sylvester. Eclectic sound, great production, it has a lounge sound at times, with no apologies. The dance tracks pop off the speakers. He saves money on therapy bills by purging himself in his lyrics. This is a fun album with some great arrangements. Royal will stick to you like grits. - Arthur Curry Babyman Entertainment


Rally on the dance floor and proclaim that this New Millennium will meld the genders and blend the races.

Royal Jones’ new CD, YOU BROKE THE CIRCLE, confirms that white men do become soulful divas. Our Royal Jones wrote his original songs with the vibes of human truths: Love. Misery. Bliss. Despair. Loneliness. Celebration. Ecstasy!

Produced and arranged by the masterful CODEE, YOU BROKE THE CIRCLE is an American coronation breaking the endless circle this presidential wasteland has been parading before the Planet.

Bold. Free. Backroom decadence. YOU BROKE THE CIRCLE deems to be this year’s intoxication. Imbibe!

Confused? Echoes in your brainwaves? Out of control? Beware! Break your circle. Have an epiphany and love like a freak. It is time for reality (play loud). See?

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Royal Jones
  • Subtitle: Royal Jones You Broke The Circle
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