No, It's Not Marilyn...

Hollywood, CA - CYNTHIA BASINET has had the dubious distinction of being mistaken for MARILYN MONROE. The breathy screen legend never recorded "SANTA BABY" and in fact the version was recorded by the sexy redheaded actress.recording artist, CYNTHIA BASINET (aka "c. basinet").

The origin of the '97 recording was as a personal Christmas gift for JACK NICHOLSON. (Other hits recorded for the actor thru the years of their relationship include "SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME" and "HAUNTED HEART".)

BASINET'S "SANTA BABY" was then released via the Internet - riding the MP3/Y2K wave and becoming overnite a phenomenon at the Millennium. With worldwide radio play and MP3 downloads, her version has become a Christmas staple.

This had allowed BASINET the exposure to then raise awareness for the Saharawi refugees living in self-determination in the W. Sahara by visiting in '01, just shy of 9-11.

However, illegal file-sharing has perpetated the misnomer and credit to MARILYN. "Ironically, the legendary Ms. M, for all her charm, could never have achieved what Basinet has with the song. By both embodying and poking fun at the kind of stereotype Monroe wholeheartedly embraced, the performance manages to convey a very strong and secure sense of womanhood -- all the stronger to be expressed with such humor." - David Reitzes, writer

"While I consider it a compliment, it was actually recorded as a gift and a tribute to EARTHA KITT'S version." says BASINET.

The song can also be heard in the indie cult film, "PARTY MONSTER" starring SETH GREEN and MACAULAY CULKIN, recently airing on the Sundance Channel.

She has long been considered "... one of the most sultry.seductive voices around." and her CD, "FOR YOU WITH LOVE" collection of love songs including "SANTA BABY" is available thru and digital distribution (Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, BuyMusic, Emusic, the new Napster, AOL's MusicNet, MusicMatch, and more).

Also a single mother she resides in Los Angeles, where she continues recording, acting and using her voice to aid many.

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  • Artist / Group Name: Cynthia Basinet
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