Mimicry Records Releases Welcome to Brazzaville

Welcome to Brazzaville, a compilation album of fifteen songs by Los Angeles band Brazzaville, will be released Tuesday, November 2, 2004 on Mimicry Records. Upon discovering Brazzaville’s catalog of three independently-distributed albums, Mimicry opted to re-release the select tracks on Welcome to introduce the band to a wider audience. Welcome to Brazzaville spans the band’s seven-year career and culls fan favorites from the pretty multi-lingual murmurings of 1998’s deceptively titled Brazzaville 2002, the guitar-heavy straight-ahead rock of 2000’s Somnambulista and the smoky Brazilian-flavored melodies of 2002’s gorgeous Rouge on Pockmarked Cheeks. The album also includes two previously unreleased tracks, "Love Sky" and "Christmas in E.C.," which will not be available on any other records.

"I was surprised when we got the phone call from [Mimicry Records founder and former Mr. Bungle guitarist] Trey Spruance," explains Brazzaville lead singer/songwriter David Brown, who moved to Spain in 2003. "I'd already sold everything and was well on my way to moving to Barcelona. He said he wanted to put out a record to introduce the Mimicry community to our music and I thought it sounded like a good idea. I knew of him through my friend Eyvind Kang and respected his punk rock sensibility when it came to running a record label."

The songs on Welcome have had production help from an impressive list of producers, including Michael Rozon, Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, R.E.M, Travis, Beck’s Mutations) and Tony Hoffer (Air, Suede, Supergrass, Beck’s Midnight Vultures).

For more information on Brazzaville and their music, please visit brazzaville-band.com.

"dark, sophisticated pop from one of L.A.'s most accomplished new bands. Think of Brazzaville as vagabond pop for fans of Morphine, Tom Waits, Spain, Leonard Cohen and Tindersticks."-- New York Times

"Rouge on Pockmarked Cheeks blends wide-ranging styles-bossa nova, moody jazz, Tom Waits starkness, folk-rock, etc.-into a sophisticated pop that sometimes recalls the sprightlier numbers on Beck's ‘Mutations.’"-Los Angeles Times

"Girl From Ipanema gets divorced, winds up homeless, and starts a slammin’ band."-Boston Globe

"Brazzaville crafts sophisticated pop where languid bossa-nova-influenced rhythms and gritty lyrics conjure dark deeds on steamy dead-end streets."-The New Yorker

"The seven-piece outfit creates a musty noir Tropicalia with mysterious rhythms and shadings, like a humid back alley café in some faraway land where the ceiling fan moves too slowly, perspiration drips down the walls and one false move can be your last."--LA Weekly

"Tom Waits with all the gravel removed or Prefab Sprout in a deep depression."-Time Out New York

4 1/2 stars--Melody Maker (For Somnambulista)

"cinematic mood music with seamless layering - an album of quiet and precise details"-- CMJ

"Imagine a grainy, low thrum somewhere between the late Morphine and post-Asylum Tom Waits, with an aggressively po-mo dispassion for tossing in various world musics: a little samba here, some Far East exotica, a fado feel- whatever Brown's muse dictates."-Pulse

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