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Noted Jazz musician and educator Dr. Billy Taylor has produced a "History of Jazz" that traces the history of America’s homegrown art form from its roots in slave songs to present-day innovations and uses numerous well-known compositions, film clips, and original recordings to explore the differing forms. Live footage of Billy Taylor's trio--dynamically demonstrating basic techniques, musical terms, and styles--is interwoven throughout.

Starting this month, chapters from this celebrated production will be webcast on Dr. Taylor’s website,, in both Windows Media and Real Media video formats.

The initial offering is "Bebop" which includes an extensive explanation and demonstration of this unique Jazz genre. Included in this month’s webcast are: how bebop radically altered the concept of rhythm in Jazz; Tadd Dameron and Hot House; bebop improvisation; how bebop changed Jazz by introducing lengthened melodic phrases, imaginative use of altered chords, double time and polyrhythms.

Complete Schedule of the "History of Jazz" Webcasts on

September Bebop

October The Roots of Jazz

November The Blues

December Great Soloists

January - Improvisation

February - Soul Jazz

March Swing and Ragtime

April Technology

May Expanding the Scales and Harmonies of Modern Jazz

April The Influence of World Music

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  • Artist / Group Name: Billy Taylor
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