Jazz syndicate radio a success story

I am speaking on behalf of my friends at www.jazzsyndicate.co.uk about our rise from what would admit being a joyfull hobbie to a wonderful success story we have achieved through our love of our music that music is of course Jazz !

Although we all differ in our approach to the shows and our varied combinations of jazz some time's mainstream,fusion,funk,whatever you wish to call it,the music is chosen by the Djs with no pressure of any outside influences i/e sponsors etc.how many stations can say that these days.

At this point I will introduce the team that make it all happen:

Marky mark : Dj and brains of the outfit and my little brother. His music taste are varied but lean towards the harder latin sounds.

The Rep: The elder statesman of our team,we describe him as the real jazz man of the team his shows are trip of pure pleasure to any true fan.

Darren Horn: I think we would all admit the most naturaly gifted dj on the microphone. He would be the first to admit not the greatest jazz fan but the stations soul music expert.

Paul C : The stations least expierenced dj and amazingly the most popular paul started his career playing what he knows best jazz funk & fusion,but know with a little prompting from me, a brilliant alrounder and he plays some serious jazz and is a very witty guy.

AJA: Me well I formed the the original jazz syndicate many years ago playing clubs & bars in and around london. my music taste is across the board like my shows I love all jazz.

There are other Djs who contribute C.F.M and de-jamming but unfortunately there shows are too few in coming these days.

So if you want to listen to some guys who love there jazz as much as you do come and join us !

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: JAZZ SYNDICATE
  • Subtitle: From a dream to reality
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