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A relative latecomer to the jazz music scene, composer/arranger/vocalist/pianist Adele Wilding pays homage to her eclectic musical background with her debut CD, Emeralds (& Other Little Gems). Released on Wilding's own label Blue Dawn, this concept CD, with its strong crossover appeal, showcases introspective, self-penned originals and re-interpretations of jazz and popular classics.

Not your conventional vocal jazz album, Emeralds (& Other Little Gems) contains a highly personalised formula which Wilding deems as "jazz meets the singer/songwriter". With their romantic imagery, the original songs are groove-based jazz arrangements which embrace folk, retro soft rock and modern classical influences. Complimented by emotive vocal stylings, this eight-track collection is delivered in an organic and sincere approach reminiscent of the seventies singer/songwriters. Standout tracks include the bossa flavoured 'Autumn', the haunting 'Hide An Emerald' (the first of a trilogy on the CD), the reflective 'It Isn't Me' and a swinging cover of Janis Joplin's 'Move Over'. Musical contributions appear from fine UK players in the jazz, popular and world music spheres, including Jules Turner (tenor sax, clarinet), Mike Davidson (guitar, bass), Mark Simpson (drums) and percussionist Volker Strater.

Emeralds (& Other Little Gems) was produced by Adele Wilding and Steve Tsoi.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Wilding & Co
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