Clarissa y Familia Latina

Spotlight on Clarissa y Familia Latina

When did the band first form?

Clarissa First was the project in Cuba. After back in Berlin we formed the band.

What brought everyone together as one band?

Clarissa We know each other many years from other projects.

How would you describe your music and playing style?

Clarissa Together we create a firework display of world music styles shining in different shades. Cuban, Brasilian, Peruvian rhythms combine with unusual instrumentation. Elaborate arrangements and an intriguing, powerful voice easily transcend rigid styles and unite with the innovative.

What image do you think your music conveys?

Clarissa The collaboration of a multiculture identity.

Soundclip: Conmigo No Se Juega

Who are some of the other artists that you enjoy or draw inspiration from?

Clarissa All the musicians who are playing in my new CD. For example legend and Grammy winner Oscar Valdez - to sing with him was a dream. Or an arranger like my husband Alfredo Hechavavrria (Ex Bassplayer Issac Delgado) who was writing the songs with me. Arrangers like Juan Manuel Ceruto who was arranging Carol Kings Natural Woman and so on...

Tell us about your CD releases? How many have you had? What is your latest like?

Clarissa I have 5 releases.
1. Clarissa & Around Midnight - Unforgettable Moments... a homage to Nat King Cole
2. Clarissa & Around Midnight - Swingtanzen Verboten
3. Clarissa - For ever/Para Siempre/Für immer
4. Clarissa y las Diablitas - Todo es Meloso
The latest: Clarissa y Familia Latina - Different Faces

Soundclip: Sky is Blue - Spanish

How often do you play live, how can someone check out one of your shows?

Clarissa I play live very often but at the moment only in Germany. On my website are the dates Our European tour will be from July 22 to August 22, 2004.

Now that Latin music has become a staple genre in terms ofpopularity, where does your group fit in?

Clarissa Here in Germany we do not have so many people who love this kind of music. Only imigrants and special people love this kind of music.

Soundclip: Lush Life

In what ways are you promoting your music?

Clarissa Internet website, phone, radio, TV, and print press.

What difficulties have you encountered as an independent band?

Clarissa We didn't find a professional booker or manager to really push us due to our the style of music.

Anything else you'd care to add to the mix?

Clarissa Thank you of your support. I hope we can go on tour in the states, too. I wish that people in the states love our music. un abrazo Clarissa

Soundclip: Solamente Tu

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Soundclip: Inalcanzable

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Familia Latina Clarissa
  • Subtitle: Spotlight on Clarissa y Familia Latina
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