482 Music Announces Release Schedule Through June 2004

The 482 Music label is proud to announce its release schedule for the first half of 2004. Of the six new recordings planned through June, three document new music created by veteran musicians like Joëlle Léandre, George Schuller, and the all-star ensemble, Conference Call. The remaining three are the newest entries in the label's continuing Document Chicago series, which celebrates the new generation of Chicago improvisers and their inclusive approaches to creative music. 482 Music releases are distributed in North America by North Country, Carrot Top, and Verge (Canada). More information is available at http://www.482Music.com

February 17th
Joëlle Léandre/Mark Nauseef, Evident (482-1024)
Joëlle Léandre, contrabass and voice; Mark Nauseef, percussion

Evident documents the first-ever collaboration between these two worldly and multi-faceted musicians at a WDR-sponsored concert on May 14th, 2002 in Eupen, Belgium. The music was created without previous discussion through listening and spontaneous interplay.

Conference Call, Spirals: The Berlin Concert (482-1028)
Gebhard Ullmann, bass clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophones; Michael Jefry Stevens, piano; Joe Fonda, bass; George Schuller, drums and percussion

Conference Call's third release catches them live at B-Flat in Berlin, Germany on March 11th, 2003. The material features compositions from each musician in this all-star group's line-up, including the versatile Schuller who replaces Matt Wilson and Han Bennink respectively from the band's first two recordings.

April 20th
Document Chicago #5:
Dave Rempis Quartet, Out of Season (482-1021)
Dave Rempis, alto and tenor saxophones; Jim Baker, piano, analog synthesizer, and violin; Jason Roebke, bass; Tim Daisy, drums

After nearly four years of developing their voice as an improvising collective, Rempis (Triage, Vandermark Five, Thread Quintet, Territory Band) and his quartet make their recorded debut with this live set from Chicago's 3030.

May 11th
George Schuller, Jigsaw (482-1026)
George Schuller, drums and bells; Mark Feldman, violin; Dave Ballou, trumpet; Matt Darriau, clarinet, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Tony Malaby, tenor and soprano saxophones; Howard Johnson, tuba and bass clarinet; Curtis Hasselbring, trombone and guitar; Ed Schuller, bass

Schuller's latest showcases his well-documented ability to build a focused, inclusive framework for creative improvisation with eight original compositions for configurations ranging from quintet to septet. An extension of his long-standing group, The Schulldogs, Jigsaw incorporates the sounds and textures of additional horns and strings.

May 25th
Document Chicago #6:
The Exciting Trio, In Chicago There is Willy (482-1023)
Matt Schneider, guitar; Griffin Rodriguez, bass; David Pakovic, drums

This anything-but-ordinary guitar trio blurs the lines between jazz, improvised music and instrumental indie rock. The Chicago Reader's Peter Margasak describes guitarist Matt Schneider as "using his instrument like a paintbrush, putting it through its paces with careful volume modulation and delightfully jagged note pile-ups."

June 22nd
Document Chicago #7:
Kyle Bruckmann, gasps and fissures (482-1027)
Kyle Bruckmann, oboe, English horn, suona, mijwiz; Kurt Johnson, double bass (track 6)

Eclectic multi-instrumentalist Bruckmann describes his first solo recording since 2000's entymology as "an improviser's response to the paradoxes and absurdities of recording improvised music, and an attempt to inhabit gray areas and straddle facile dichotomies: improvisation/composition, acoustic/electronic, abstract/concrete. natural/artificial, organic/digital."

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