Launches Wholesale Division For Its CD - DVD Counter Displays

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE now offers price discounts based on quantity of its 1 Tier and 2 Tier CD display boxes to accommodate the demand from larger companies inside and outside of the independent music industry.

In March of 2003, released its own design of CD Counter Display Boxes. Unlike traditionally thin CD display boxes, created an extra thick and sturdy CD display box made specifically to handle the punishing conditions that occur when independent artists go on the road.

Scott Clark, President of, stated: "Our original game plan was to cater to the needs of the independent artist by designing an extra strong CD display for the same price as the thinner CD displays on the market today. We expected artists to buy in small quantities and therefore set up our online ordering system accordingly. However, our CD boxes have been catching the attention of larger companies requesting anywhere from 100 to a few thousand boxes. Orders such as those demand price discounts so we have redesigned our shopping cart in order to accommodate those orders as well".

Mr. Clark went on to say "In the past, the only available CD displays were built for retail only. Independent artists travel from gig to gig or move their CDs from store to store. Those conditions are unfriendly to traditionally thin CD displays that can break down rather quickly and force the artist to purchase more displays in a short period of time.

Our CD displays are built for both retail and travel. They allow artists to easily sell their music at shows or in stores over and over again".

With a stronger CD display, is quickly becoming the preferred vendor for not only the independent music industry, but for companies outside of the music world as well. still offers free shipping to companies located in the US and Canada. Prices can be found on their website, The company also offers to work with people that have price quotes from other companies that sell the traditionally thinner CD displays in order to provide a stronger CD display for the same price or less. is based in Hamilton, New Jersey.

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