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Tony Adamo

ALBUM: Dance Of Love
LABEL: Rhombus Records
DATE: 2002
GENRE: Smooth Jazz

It's cool, smooth, sexy and funky (gotta have this in true CD-quality). Tony Adamo is the smooth jazz power voice of the generation, and after listening to Dance of Love, you can't deny the fact that this new vocalist has got the material to succeed. A lot of musical elements are included into each track. For example, the first few tracks are blues heavy, flirty and upbeat. Coolness is defined when Adamo showcases his stuff with Hey Lou. The album slows down soulfully with When Love Comes Over You, and now you get the other side of the man. However, the perfect smooth song in this album would have to be When Love Comes Out To Play. It is just so well polished that you're all the sudden in a dreamy, quiet mood. Closing it off, is a sweet track Real Life, which reminds me of the life we all take for granted. Dance of Love is playing now on CIM Radio Smooth Jazz.

Track listing
1. Ecstasy
2. Midnight Cafe (Featuring Ernie Watts)
3. Mystery
4. Hey Lou
5. Rhythm Of Your Love
6. No Strings
7. When Love Comes Over You
8. Passport
9. Calling
10. Live For Your Love
11. When Love Comes Out To Play
12. Real Life

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tony Adamo
  • Event Date: 10/11/2003
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