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~ * ~ Motéma Launch in New York City at the Jazz Standard

~ * ~ The MusicDish Network writes the Motéma story

~ * ~ Read what critics are saying about Babatunde Lea and The Lynne Arriale Trio

~ * ~ Motéma Launch in New York City at the Jazz Standard This is a big week for Motéma! This week is the 3rd in a series of worldwide launches of our label. First there was Paris, at Les Duc des Lombards in March. Then there was San Francisco at Rasselas in May. Now, we have our label launch here in New York City at the Jazz Standard!

The Babatunde Lea Quintet will be performing on Thursday May 15 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm ($15) and Friday May 16 at 7:30pm, 9:30pm and 11:30pm ($20)

The Lynne Arriale Trio will be performing on Saturday May 17th at 7:30pm, 9:30pm and 11:30pm ($20) and Sunday May 18th at 7:30pm and 9:30pm ($15.)

For tickets, call 212-576-2232

JAZZIZ magazine will be there supporting Motéma and showcasing their May issue - which features Babatunde Lea. Also we'd like to thank REMO for sponsoring Babatunde Lea and providing the drum set for the performances.

If you're in town, we'd love it if you came by! We'll have magazines, t-shirts, cds and great live jazz. You can't beat these shows: the classic, melodic 'fingers of gold' from Lynne Arriale and the hot rhythms and beats of the Babatunde Lea Quintet.

~ * ~ The MusicDish Network has written a great article to introduce you to all that is Motéma Music. Please take a moment to check out the article, the pictures and the videos!

~ * ~ Take a look at what critics are saying about Babatunde Lea and The Lynne Arriale Trio:


"Not since Mingus and Blakey has music bristled with a sense of message like this."

"Lea whose joyful African rhythms have backed everyone from Stan Getz to Pharaoh Sanders to Van just interested in making good music, which to him means providing his band members with a rock-solid foundation and then space to really cut loose. Chief among them are pianist Hilton Ruiz, a true virtuoso.. the often-stunning Quartest West saxophonist Ernie Watts... and the able bassist Geoff Brennan.. it should be a burner, no question."

"Babatunde Lea is a fiery example of everything not dead about Jazz..."

" of the hottest jazz / world attractions on the festival scene."

"The festive feel of a percussionists reunion and a thorough respect for the spiritual roots of Afro-Cuban music... well arranged ... brilliant solos.. tight horn section."

"A sterling disc with tight ensemble work I enjoy hearing the most: Catchy melodies with blowout middle sections..."

"...intrinsic beauty, great horn charts and lyrical naturalness. This CD is a must for world music and jazz enthusiasts that enjoy the dynamic beats, rhythm and syncopation of drumming and percussion masters."

ARISE recently debuted at #17 on the Billboard Jazz Chart and is now at #3 on the Jazz Week Radio Chart!

"The first thing most listeners notice about Lynne Arriale's piano playing is its crispness. All her phrases have sharply defined contours and every note carries a little sparkle. She also brings off the rare feat of making a recording feel almost like a live performance, commanding your full attention simply through the directness and clarity of her performance. The trio is completed by Jay Anderson, a most imaginative and sympathetic bassist; and her long-standing drummer, the excellent Steve Davis; they are an indispensable part of this engrossing set. "

"Arise is another winner. Arriale's eye for unusual material keeps repetition at bay: American Woman and Egberto Gismonti's Frévo are both dazzingly fresh, while the original numbers, including the exhilarating Esperanza and Upswing, are no less seductive. The indefatigable Steve Davis on drums and bassist Jay Anderson complete what is, for my money, the finest American trio on the loose at the moment.

"Of all the pianists operating in the overcrowded trio market, few can touch Arriale for elegance... classy, intelligent grand piano... a leading lady who's right to taker her place at the front of the stage."

"Arise," the new release by the Lynne Arriale Trio is as light, lyrical and deceptively simple as a ballet dancer floating through the air. Among her many strengths, Arriale listens to her long-time musical companions, Jay Anderson on bass and Steve Davis on drums. She replies to their tasteful playing with direct and deft bon mots that draw her musicians and the listeners into an intimate, cogent conversation."

Published 4/1/2003
"Pianist Lynne Arriale has just released her newest -- and perhaps finest -- CD. She is a wonderful player and arranger who wrote four of the nine tunes for the project, which is filled with the sparkling clarity that graces her music. The CD has much to offer in the breadth and range of material. The title track, "Arise," is an uplifting ballad of hope and promise."

"The music was carefully and thoughtfully structured...the kind of empathy displayed by the leader, bassist Jay Anderson and drummer Steve Davis was breathtaking at times... a gorgeous piece of storytelling with a beginning, middle and end. One to savour."

"Arriale's playing combines great melodicism and swing. Arriale is being groomed for stardom, and with Keith Jarrett out exploring the farther reaches of spontaneous composition, there must be room for a top-flight piano trio respectful of, but not enslaved to, the jazz tradition."

"LYNNE ARRIALE creates difficulties for reviewers: how to find fresh superlatives for a pianist who maintains such extraordinarily high standards? There is a handful of jazz pianists that I would gladly listen to all night long. Those master craftsmen Ahmad Jamal and John Bunch immediately come to mind. Arriale makes three. On her new album, Arise, Arriale continues to blend thoughtfully sculpted original tunes with an ingenious sprinkling of cover versions. As ever, her delicate touch and unabashed love of melodic lines turns them into her own private property. "

Stay tuned for more great news from Motéma! And many thanks for subscribing! Motéma and it's artists appreciate your support!

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  • Artist / Group Name: Babatunde Lea
  • Event Date: May 15-18
  • Subtitle: Motema Music Artists Playing May 15-18
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