Prophetz of Time and Space / CD Release

What do you get when you combine unquestionably the finest drummer in this solar system 'Leon Ndugu Chancler'..the Virtuosity of 'Mahavishnu' alumni 'Jerry Goodman's Violin.. 'Brandon Fields' Ripping and inventive Saxaphone work..'Otmaro Ruiz' Blazing keyboards.. 'Munyungo Jackson's Persuavsive Percussion..all playing 'Vasco's Bass inspired composition's...but oof course...its the "PROPHETZ OF TIME AND SPACE" The release of "Soul Portfolio" Vol. I on the 'Chakra Music' label marks this 'super fusion' groups leap to the future edge of contemporary music...Bassist/Composer 'Vasconcellos' states that the 'Harmonic Structure' is derived from his observations of 'Nature' and the ever changing 'Human Condition'...While the interpretation and performance are as unique as the playerz themselves...look for the "Prophetz" in your neighborhood soon.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Steve Vasconcellos Prophetz of Time and Space
  • Subtitle: Leading Edge chemistry cuts a new groove
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