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Philadelphia area based pianist and composer Eric Mintel has been reaching many people with his latest CD "Hopscotch". The CD consists of mostly original music penned by Mintel. In 2003, Eric will celebrate 10 years on the jazz scene. In that time he and his quartet have toured throughout the country, was invited to perform at the White House for President Clinton, performed several times at the Kennedy Center and have collaborated with symphony orchestra and choral groups. The Eric Mintel Quartet has been reaching many people on many musical levels through performance of their straight ahead jazz. Mintel is a melodic player who makes his performances more of a personal experience for the listener. He is very aware of his audience tastes. "I always try to tell a musical story through the improvisation. Jazz is such a personal art form that everytime you hear a jazz group perform, the improvisations should be different because we're continuing our story again and again", said 35 year old Mintel from his home in Morrisville, PA.

Mintel's latest CD "Hopscotch" made it to #74 into the top 100 albums of the year at WRTI 90.1 FM in Philadelphia. A song from Hopscotch, Japanese Maple, seems to speak to many people. "The jazz program director at WRTI, Frank Johnson, has said that everytime they play that song it always gets a great response from the listeners. I've always tried to tap into the emotional quality of jazz. The piano can convey many emotions and I'm glad that people are feeling it when they hear my compositions. Jazz has been my passion practically my entire life and from that palette of emotions come many different compositions with different expressions", said Mintel.

The quartet is coming up on a very busy 2003. In March they will perform a solid six day concert tour through the South, then back home for a plethora of concerts in April and May. In July of 2003, the Eric Mintel Quartet will embark on a ten day tour throughout the United Kingdom. They will perform their brand of jazz in concert halls, clubs, jazz festivals and cultural centers for the British audience. The quartet is also working on two new CD's of original material and standards. Eric is also enjoying the joys of fatherhood as he and his wife Darby enjoy raising their eight month old daughter Tess Mariah Mintel. "I've already written tunes for my wife and daughter and we've played them in concert to a great response from our audience. I'm recording some of these pieces soon. It's funny, a lot of people think I have a booking agent and I don't. I've been doing all the bookings myself from phone calls, to press kits to promotion, to interviews to sending out mailings, faxes, internet and at the same time play and compose. It's exhausting but it's worth it because when I get up on the stage with the guys in my quartet like Neil Wetzel on sax, Dave Antonow on bass and Jeremy Berberian on drums creating music and entertaining our audience is our number 1 priority", said Mintel.

Log onto the Eric Mintel Quartet's web site at CD's are available on their web site and at Bookings for the Eric Mintel Quartet can be made by calling 215-295-0320 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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